• Woman seeks rescue from boyfriend in online pizza order

    AVON PARK, Fla. (AP) — A central Florida woman helped save herself and her children by sending a message in an online pizza order that asked employees to call 911 because she was being held hostage.

    Associated Press
  • Missouri lawmakers override veto to enact welfare limits

    JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri lawmakers voted Tuesday to remove several thousand families from a welfare program by imposing shorter time limits for people to receive the benefits, overriding a veto by the state's Democratic governor.

    Associated Press
  • Contract battle brewing over $14M Blackbeard 'treasure'

    RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Nearly 300 years after the pirate Blackbeard's flagship sank off the North Carolina coast, a shipwreck-hunting company and the state are battling over treasure linked to the vessel — but they're fighting with legal filings, not cutlasses, and the treasure is $14 million in…

    Associated Press
  • Iran's allies, not atoms, preoccupy Israeli generals

    Chief among these is Hezbollah, the Lebanese militia that fought the Israeli armed forces to a standstill in their 2006 war and has since expanded its arsenal and honed its skills helping Damascus battle the Syria insurgency. Ram Ben-Barak, director-general of Israel's Intelligence Ministry,…

  • Russia to roll out Red Square military parade on huge scale

    Russia is pulling out all the stops for celebrations on Saturday marking the 70th anniversary of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany with 16,000 troops marching in a Red Square parade, along with hundreds of units of military hardware. In a defiant show of military strength despite international…

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    Paris picture overlays (22 photos)

    It is already one of the world’s most iconic cities, but this incredible collection shows how much Paris has changed over the course of the past century. The collection, by French photographer Julien Knez, shows Paris in the 1940s against a backdrop of how the same places look today. Knez says he…

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  • How Do Tesla's Home Batteries Work?

    Last week, Tesla Motors announced an ambitious new product line: batteries to power homes or businesses. The idea is that homes and businesses powered by solar panels could harvest and store energy during the day that could be used to run homes at night, or be used as a backup during a power…

  • Moldova seeks to solve riddle of missing $1 billion

    By Alexander Tanas CHISINAU (Reuters) - Moldova will step up an investigation into the disappearance of more than $1 billion from three banks, the head of the central bank told Reuters on Tuesday, after around 10,000 people protested over the scandal at the weekend. Last year Moldova placed Banca…

  • Germanwings co-pilot 'practised descent on previous flight'

    The co-pilot of the doomed Germanwings flight deliberately crashed the plane into the French Alps after "rehearsing" the descent on an earlier flight, French investigators said on Wednesday. The BEA civil aviation investigators said the co-pilot, 27-year-old Andreas Lubitz, had practised the…

  • Tech executive mourned by Silicon Valley luminaries

    PALO ALTO, Calif. (AP) — Tech industry luminaries and friends gathered Tuesday for a memorial service honoring David Goldberg, a popular business leader whose marriage to Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg made them one of Silicon Valley's most prominent couples.

    Associated Press
  • India to sign port deal with Iran, ignoring U.S. warning against haste

    By Nidhi Verma and Manoj Kumar NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India will push ahead this week with plans to build a port in southeast Iran, two sources said, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi keen to develop trade ties with Central Asia and prepared to fend off U.S. pressure not to rush into any deals with…

  • Uber says it is leaving Kansas after new regulations set

    TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Ride-hailing company Uber said Tuesday that it is pulling out of Kansas after the Republican-dominated Legislature overruled GOP Gov. Sam Brownback and imposed new regulations on such services.

    Associated Press
  • The Fascinating Story Behind Why So Many Nail Technicians Are Vietnamese

    Most Americans recognize Tippi Hedren for her starring role in Alfred Hitchcock’s horror film The Birds—but among the Vietnamese American community, her reputation is for something a little more serious: being a cornerstone of the immigrant community's economy. Forty years ago, the Hollywood actor…

  • New Test for Ovarian Cancer Finds More Cases

    A new screening test for ovarian cancer can detect more women with the disease than previous methods, a new study from the United Kingdom suggests. Overall, the new screening method detected ovarian cancer in 86 percent of the women in the study who had the disease. The researchers created a…

  • Chicago asks school teachers to take 7 percent pay cut: union

    By Mary Wisniewski CHICAGO (Reuters) - Three years after a public school strike, Chicago teacher contract talks are off to a rocky start, with the debt-burdened district demanding a 7 percent pay cut, union officials said on Tuesday. The Chicago Teachers Union said in a statement it was "highly…

  • Woman accused of cutting baby from womb will stand trial

    BOULDER, Colo. (AP) — A judge determined Tuesday that a Colorado woman charged with cutting an unborn baby from a stranger's womb will stand trial in a case that has reignited the debate on the legal rights of fetuses.

    Associated Press
  • Avianca orders 100 Airbus A320neo in largest deal for Latin American airline

    Colombian airline Avianca has confirmed its order for 100 A320neo family aircraft, the largest ever by a Latin American airline, in deal worth approximately $10 billion at catalogue prices, Airbus said Tuesday. The "largest single order ever made in Latin America’s aviation history" will "allow…