• 3 arrested after woman imprisoned, sexually abused for weeks

    SANTA ROSA, Calif. (AP) — Three men were arrested in the case of a woman who reported being held captive and sexually abused for almost two months, authorities said.

    Associated Press
  • 'We Call It Life Row': Two of the Youngest US Women on Death Row Describe Life Behind Bars

    When Tiffany Cole and Emilia Carr walk down the hall in Florida’s Lowell Correctional Institution for Women together, they seem more like smiling girlfriends than convicted felons sitting on death row. Watch the full story, "A New Nation of Women Behind Bars," a Diane Sawyer "Hidden America"…

    ABC News
  • Water found in astronaut's helmet after spacewalk

    A US astronaut found water pooling in his helmet right after completing a six-plus hour spacewalk on Wednesday, raising new concerns about flaws with NASA's spacesuits. The water inside Terry Virts' helmet was "kind of pooling on the front side of his helmet above the eye level," European Space…

  • Hillary Clinton leads in early Iowa polls: Why 2016 won't be 2008 for Hillary

    At least not in Iowa, where Hillary Clinton has an overwhelming early lead of likely Iowa Democratic caucus participants, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday. A year ahead of Iowa's first-in-the-nation caucuses, some 61 percent of likely Iowa Democratic caucus voters said…

    Christian Science Monitor
  • NYC trucker accused of avoiding toll with device inspired by James Bond

    By Barbara Goldberg NEW YORK (Reuters) - A trucker accused of using a James Bond-style retractable bumper to evade a $95 toll on the George Washington Bridge has been charged with using burglary tools, police said on Thursday. Hauling a load of candy across the bridge toward New York City on…

  • No thanks! Companies reject "Shark Tank" deals, still thrive

    NEW YORK (AP) — With the cameras rolling, Daniel and Stephanie Rensing accepted an offer from a "Shark Tank" investor. But after they had time to think about it, they changed their minds.

    Associated Press
  • Daycare Closes After Tragic Death Of 3-Month-Old Boy

    A three-month-old infant is dead and a Kentwood, Mich., daycare has been shut down in the aftermath. Police say Cooper Fales` father found his son unresponsive after picking up Cooper and his siblings from Bridges Day Care in Kentwood on Thursday, February 19.

  • Aaron Hernandez Trial: Prosecutors Play Video of Him Before the Murder

    Prosecutors in Massachusetts today showed surveillance video of Aaron Hernandez with Odin Lloyd in the car the former NFL star was driving the night he allegedly murdered the man. Prosecutors have said that Hernandez, 25, rented a Nissan Altima -- the same one seen in the surveillance footage…

    ABC News
  • National Geographic 'Afghan girl' in Pakistan papers probe

    Pakistani officials are investigating after the famous green-eyed "Afghan girl" immortalised in a 1985 National Geographic magazine cover was found living in the country on fraudulent identity papers. The haunting image of the then 12-year-old Sharbat Gula, taken in a refugee camp by photographer…

  • Father Of Black Teenager Murdered By Illegal Alien Asks ‘Do Black Lives Really Matter?’

    Both men asserted that Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) lax detainment policies contributed to the death of their family members. Shaw told of his son, Jamiel Shaw II, who in May 2008 at the age of 17 was gunned down by Pedro Espinoza, a 19-year-old illegal Mexican immigrant. “My…

    The Daily Caller
  • US Christians back emerging private war on Iraq jihadists

    After fighting with rebels in Libya and embracing the revolt in Syria, Matthew VanDyke has rolled up in northern Iraq, but the celebrity American revolutionary-cum-filmmaker has traded his fatigues for a three-piece suit. VanDyke, who rose to fame as a foreign fighter backing Libyan rebels against…

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    Photos of the day - February 26, 2015 (27 photos)

    Men inspect the damage at a site hit by what activists said were two barrel bombs dropped by forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad in Aleppo's al-Shaar neighborhood, Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler, center, joins hands with FCC Commissioners Mignon Clyburn,…

    Yahoo News
  • Maraschino Cherry Tycoon: The Secret Drug Lair New York City Police Uncovered

    In a scene reminiscent of the TV show "Breaking Bad," New York City investigators raided the business of one of the nation's largest processors of maraschino cherries -- only to find that his Brooklyn factory also allegedly served as a marijuana growing operation, authorities said. Investigators…

    ABC News
  • FCC passes net neutrality: what this means for Americans

    After almost a year of fierce national debate, the Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to pass net neutrality in a 3-to-2 partisan vote. The five-member commission “reclassified” broadband Internet access as a “common carrier” under Title II of the Telecommunications Act, making the…

    Christian Science Monitor
  • Crews keep cameras rolling in New Mexico post 'Breaking Bad'

    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — When the last "Breaking Bad" episode aired almost two years ago, New Mexico officials feared film and television production might end in the state after the series brought welcome attention and tourism to Albuquerque.

    Associated Press
  • Florida man accused of throwing daughter from bridge incompetent to stand trial

    TAMPA, Fla. (Reuters) - A Florida man facing murder charges for allegedly throwing his 5-year-old daughter off a bridge currently is incompetent to stand trial, a judge said on Thursday. John Jonchuck, 25, will be sent a state mental hospital in an attempt to restore his mental condition so that he…

  • Kindergarten kids with 'AK-47s' cause outrage in Russia

    Pictures of young Russian children posing with mock AK-47 rifles and other weapons at a kindergarten have provoked a storm of controversy, but some defended them as patriotic education. The controversial photos were taken last week during a "patriotic class" at a kindergarten in the second city of…