The 2012 Word of the Year Was Hashtag

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The 2012 Word of the Year Was Hashtag

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The 2012 Word of the Year Was Hashtag

The word of the year is hashtag. #Hashtag, a word someone also dared to name a baby in 2012 ... so, I guess that cements it. In a final vote of 118 to 99 in a runoff against marriage equality (winner of "Most Likely to Succeed"), at the annual Word of the Year event held by the American Dialect Society, hashtag took it home. A round of applause for the word lover's version of the Academy Awards. That was exciting!

#woty12 Final WotY voting list: YOLO, fiscal cliff, #hashtag, Gangnam style, marriage equality, 47 percent

— Am. Dialect Society (@americandialect) January 4, 2013

There were other wins, too, as there were a number of categories with nominations in each also up for votes. According to the results tweeted by the @AmericanDialect Society, here are the category winners, along with their competition (additions to our earlier list of finalists were nominated from the floor):

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MOST USEFUL WINNER: In a runoff with YOLO, -(po)calypse, -(ma)geddon nabbed it, 115-62. 

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Also nominated: beardruff hate-watching

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MOST CREATIVE WINNER: gate lice, after a runoff with mansplaining (93-90)

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Also nominated: alpacalypse dancelexia 

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MOST UNNECESSARY WINNER: legitimate rape, 94 votes

Also nominated:  Frankenstorm HD feels

MOST OUTRAGEOUS WINNER: legitimate rape, 156 votes

Also nominated: Dunlop effect slut-shaming butt-chugging

MOST EUPHEMISTIC WINNER: self-deportation, 142 votes

Also nominated: disruptive Gray Thursday ratchet evolution

MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED WINNER: marriage equality, 156 votes

Also nominated: fiscal cliff superstorm MOOC big data


#woty12 Within the margin of error, thus co-winners! "phablet" and "YOLO" are Least Likely to Succeed

— Am. Dialect Society (@americandialect) January 4, 2013

Also nominated: cray-cray Gangnam style Windows Metro meggings

ELECTION WORDS WINNER: Binders full of women, 107 votes

Also nominated:  47 percent  Etch-a-Sketch  Eastwooding  Romney/Obama malarkey

#woty12 "binders full of women", despite being not lexicalized, is the Election Word of the Year

— Am. Dialect Society (@americandialect) January 4, 2013

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