2025: From Chicago to New York City on a Tank of Gas

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According to the Department of Energy, the Obama Administration's fuel economy standards will make it possible by 2025 for people to drive from Chicago to New York City on a single 15-gallon tank of gas. The department released an infographic on Tuesday detailing these standards. Here are the details.

* The fuel economy standards were finalized by the Obama administration in August, the Department of Energy stated in a related blog post , and require the average fuel economy of passenger vehicles to be increased to 35.5 miles per gallon by 2016.

* New cars and trucks built in the model years of 2017-25 are expected to achieve an industry-average fuel efficiency of 54.5 miles per gallon, the department stated. This is nearly double what the fuel efficiency is of cars on the road today.

* According to the department, by 2025, American will save an estimated $8,200 in fuel costs over the lifetime of the vehicle.

* In addition to savings, the department explained, the standards will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 65 percent.

* The manufacturers' individual requirements will be dependent on the vehicles produced, the Department of Energy reported, in order to preserve consumer choice.

* According to the department's infographic, 700,000 Americans are currently employed by the auto manufacturing industry, with another 1 million currently employed in auto servicing and sales. A total of 113,000 new jobs in the auto industry have been created since July 2009.

* The new standards will create 148,000 new jobs between 2017-25, the department reported.

* Cars and light duty trucks currently account for 45 percent of the total U.S. oil consumption. With the new standards, the infographic states, oil consumption will be reduced by about 2.2 billion barrels a day and that amount will increase as older vehicles are replaced by newer, more efficient ones.

* According to the department's infographic, the new fuel economy standards will get the country more than halfway to meeting the president's goal of cutting oil imports by one-third by 2025.

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