3 of the happiest moments with my dog

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Having dogs is one of the greatest joys in my life. They give me so much pleasure that it's hard to separate out the single greatest moments. My mini schnauzer, Tucker, was a dear friend and nearly 15 when we lost him a few months ago. Now that he's gone, those extraordinarily special moments have risen to the top of our memories. Here are my three most special "moments" with Tucker.

Go Get Boogi

We have a deaf pug named "Boogi," and like many dogs, her favorite thing to do is sleep. Because she's deaf, she can't hear us when come home. When Tucker was with us, we had four dogs, and all except Boogi would meet us at the door, barking and crying and jumping and kissing. At some point, Tucker understood that something wasn't right with Boogi, so he would go bounding over to wake her up so that she could enjoy the happy reunion as well. Now that he is gone, we realize how special that was and are reminded of him every time we have to go over and wake her up ourselves.

Tucker Doesn't Like That

My husband and I travel a lot by car and whenever possible, we take the dogs with us. For the most part, they sleep the entire day away in the back seat with very little movement or complaint. One exception was when we would drive over the rumble strips on the side of the road or before a toll booth. Tucker hated those, and would always stand up, look around suspiciously, and take several minutes to settle back down into sleep again. It was so funny and predictable that my husband and I started saying, in unison, "Tucker hates that" every time it would happen. We still do it now, even though Tucker is no longer with us, and each time it reminds us of how special those moments truly were.

Do I Smell Cantaloupe?

Tucker loved cantaloupe! I swear he would eat an entire melon if you'd let him. And even in his old age he could smell it from a different floor on the opposite end of the house. He could be upstairs sleeping for hours, but the moment I cut a cantaloupe in the kitchen, you could count on his arrival within seconds. Now, of course, every time I cut open a cantaloupe I catch myself expecting to see his bright eyes and wagging tail bounding into the kitchen. It makes me smile.

The day to day interactions we have with our dogs are always special, but it may not be until they're gone that we realize which ones really mean the most. For my husband and me, these three insignificant character traits ended up being our friendly reminders of a gentle soul we will never forget. We love you, Tucker.

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