3 million lost souls still trapped in AOL dial-up hell

Meet the voice behind AOL’s ‘You’ve got mail’ sound clip

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Meet the voice behind AOL’s ‘You’ve got mail’ sound clip

Thankfully, most Internet users haven’t been forced to hear the words “Wel-come! You’ve got mail!” when they log onto the Web for at least a decade now. But Dan Fromer at SplatF has combed through AOL’s (AOL) second-quarter earnings report and found that AOL still provides dial-up service to roughly 3 million subscribers. Granted, that number is a big drop from AOL’s halcyon days when it counted more than 25 million subscribers and was sending around soon-to-be-coasterized AOL installation CDs with reckless abandon. But even so, who exactly is still stuck on AOL dial up these days, and can we organize a satellite service rescue charity to help these poor suckers out?


Image source: Flickr user Gilgongo

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