3 Tips for Planning Your Big Data Project

3 Tips for Planning Your Big Data Project

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3 Tips for Planning Your Big Data Project

Many IT organizations are still getting to grips with the vast possibilities — and the potential pitfalls — of Big Data, but some very effective approaches are starting to emerge. HP Distinguished Technologist/Strategist and Big Data expert Donald Livengood is out there in the trenches every day helping businesses to design their implementations and to sort out what works from what doesn’t. Check out Donald’s blog Big Data - The Plan Comes Together, for his latest thinking on these three pivotal planning points:

1. How do you size Hadoop? It’s all too easy to get wrapped around the axle when designing your reference architecture – Donald reports how one organization wasted 10 or more weeks on the task. The answer may be easier than you think.

2. Mix and match technologies? Or not? Replacing everything with Hadoop is one option. But there are others to consider.

3. What about the surrounding infrastructure? Donald looks at ways to make sure the new systems behave as proper tenants of the data center.

To learn how Donald can help you develop a big data plan that gives you control, flexibility, and a return on your investment, visit his HP Expert profile page.

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