30 Birthday Wishes for Prince William

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Make a wish, Prince William. You turn 30 on Thursday.

To celebrate the big 3-0, we asked commoners here across the pond to craft 30 birthday greetings, suggestions, salutations and heart's desires -- all in 30 words or less.

What do you think William should wish for? Leave your thoughts in the comments field.


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LYMPNE, ENGLAND - JUNE 06: Prince William, Duke of Cambridge smiles as he visits Port Lympne Wild Animal Park on …

* My birthday wish for Prince William on his 30th birthday is for him to continue his mother's legacy. Always be a caring and down-to-earth royal like the late Princess Diana. -- Josienita Borlongan

* What does a prince wish for on his birthday? Be left alone, if only for a day. -- Threesia Goff

* Whether prince, duke, king or commoner, life is thirty up and thirty down. You've made it to the top of the hill. The downside journey should be much easier. -- Carol Rucker

* Happy birthday, Prince William, from an old Yank who shares the same birthday. I'll trade you my wisdom at 69 for your energy at 30. Keep on being FABULOUS! -- Mary Ann Sorrentino

* Your thirtieth birthday -- have not any cares!
In these times of confusion, gallantry is rare.
Yet your dignity, compassion and integrity are great,
Blessings to you, young Lupo and Kate. -- Hannah E. Trotter

* Prince William should wish for the Duchess of Cambridge to bear him a royal heir. Being Prince is probably fun, but being a father is the greatest adventure of all. -- Joe Capristo

* So what will England's heir wish for June 21? To use his influence for good, some privacy, and a baby. Maybe. Tight-lipped, that one. -- Pilar Clark

* These wishes will bring you happiness: all the right words when the cameras are pointed your way, wisdom to stay out of trouble, and good humor to keep Kate entertained. -- Kristen Dyrr

* Victoria's long reign
Churchill's courage
Newton's brilliance
Edward's humility
Firth's talent
Bowie's flair
Shakespeare's poetry
Lennon's genius
Cook's adventures
Brunel's vision
Darwin's impact
Diana's grace -- Nancy Almann

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From left Britain's Prince Charles Queen Elizabeth Prince William, and his wife Kate Duchess of Cambridge, stand …

* My birthday wish for you Prince William, as England's future king, is the wisdom of Solomon, the blessings of a grateful nation and merciful God. Happy birthday. God bless. -- Kathi Downs

* For his 30th birthday, Prince William should wish for more privacy and stricter regulations for the British paparazzi, so that the terrible fate of his mother doesn't repeat itself. -- Becca Swanson

* Even with his wealth, royal linage and unlimited resources, I imagine Prince William wishes for that singular something that eluded his mother and father, a happy a successful marriage. -- William Ray Fullmer

* Happy birthday to the heir of the throne. Enjoy your special day and tell Harry to give me a call the next time he is throwing a party! -- Joe Tuborg

* He's no different than the rest of us, so he should wish for a long life with good health, bountiful blessings… and the strength to weather the storm! -- Emilia Zs Rak

* You are in a unique position and hold incredible, world-changing power. I hope you have the courage to use your tremendous influence to make the world a better place. -- Michael C. Jones

* You should wish for continued wisdom and experience. Your mother would be so proud of you. -- Tara M. Clapper

* On his 30th birthday, Prince William should wish that Prince Charles will succeed Queen Elizabeth, giving Will and Kate additional time to live without the constraint of excessive royal duties. -- Mary Carol Herwood

* One entire day, twenty-four glorious hours, all to himself: no photographers, reporters, family duties, or obligations. What a dream! -- Dori Starnes

* Happy birthday, Prince William from the USA! Your dear grandmother has certainly done an admirable job in her reign, but here's hoping you will soon get to be the king. -- Michael Taylor

* Prince William is classy, respectable and admirable, but not because he's royalty. For his 30th birthday, he should wish that his future children share these qualities. -- Jolie du Pre

* Cherish today by remembering yesterday. Live today as if tomorrow won't come. -- Edwin Torres

* Happy birthday! Now blow out those candles and secretly wish you could demand that everyone address you by your full name (William Arthur Philip Louis Mountbatten-Windsor) for the entire year! -- Gail Kemeliotis

* Ignoring privilege, and in spite of tragedy, you live a life of honor and character. All of England, and your late mother, are proud of you. Happy birthday, Prince William. -- Dave Weaver

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Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, talks to a young man as he and the and the Duchess visit Maison Dauphine …

* Live to serve others. True happiness is not wealth, fame or material possessions. It is helping people reach for a better tomorrow and exceeding their own humble expectations. -- Alex Wibholm

* May you continue to possess the same charisma, and be given the same affection, that were yours as a tiny baby in Princess Diana's arms, being introduced to the world. -- Roberta Lage

* Prince William should wish for a promotion through the Royal Air Force and for a bouncing baby boy to carry on his name. -- Kayla Jackson

* On your journey to ascension, I hope that your private life overflows with tranquility, harmony and love. With such a firm foundation, the grueling public life should be easier. LLTK! -- Morris Armstrong

* I wish that somebody would give Prince William the name and number of Wayne Rooney's hair plug guy. That, or the return of puffy white wigs for English royalty. -- Danielle Dauenhauer

* The search for the grace and compassion of his mother, Princess Diana, would be the most appropriate of all birthday wishes for a prince and man of England. -- Robert Watkins

* As a search-and-rescue pilot and a British royal, Prince William's 30th birthday wish may very well be clear skies, a calm sea, civil relatives and a nice cup of tea. -- Katie Anderson

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