37,200 Security Personnel and Other Numbers Regarding Security at the London Olympics

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The 2012 Summer Olympics officially begin Friday with the opening ceremony at London's Olympic Stadium. There are restrictions on the types of items that can be brought to each venue of the games in addition to security checkpoints attendees must pass through on the way to see their favorite sports. It all adds up to a lot of safety and security measures for athletes and fans.

25: The maximum number , in liters, a bag can be before it is considered too large to be brought into an Olympic venue. The general rule is that each bag must be able to fit underneath a seat at the games.

3,500: The number of British troops called into service as security guards a week before the Summer Olympics began. The Boston Globe reports the troops were brought in because of gaps in security by the private firm G4S that oversees safety at all 30 Olympic venues.

877 million: The amount, in dollars, Britain's largest peacetime security operation will cost during the Olympics. According to NBC News , there will be metal fences surrounding the Olympic Village where athletes stay. Every vehicle entering a venue will be searched inside and out.

37,200: The number of security personnel involved in creating a safe place for athletes to compete and spectators to watch. The number breaks down to 12,500 police officers, 12,200 soldiers carrying out venue security searches, 7,000 contracted security workers and 5,500 troops conducting military operations away from London sites.

18,200: The number of soldiers guarding 10,500 athletes at the games, according to AFP . There are worries for some athletes on the 40th anniversary of the Munich Summer Olympics where 11 Israeli athletes were killed in an act of terrorism.

11: The number of miles of razor-wire topped electric fencing deployed around buildings for the Summer Olympics. One of the most heavily fortified is the Olympic Village where the athletes stay.

1: The number of Typhoon jets scrambled when a commercial airliner failed to communicate with air traffic controllers. Reuters states the jet took off but communications with the commercial plane were restored before further actions were necessary.

11 million: The estimated number of spectators coming to London just for the Summer Olympics. Britain's Home Office planned security in more detail in March 2011. Around 450,000 people are likely to be accredited to have access to venues throughout the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Those accredited numbers include an estimated 20,000 members of the media covering the 16-day event.

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