4chan Hijacking Effort to Name New Mountain Dew Drink

4chan Hijacking Effort to Name New Mountain Dew Drink

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Controversial online community 4chan appears to be attempting to hijack a Mountain Dew promotion to name the brand's new drink. Top in the running so far: "Diabeetus."

Other names that most likely won't see the light of day:

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  • Most Nugget
  • DickButt
  • NukaCola
  • Cumsplosion
  • Others can be found here.

    Mountain Dew, which has crowdsourced the names of new drinks before on Facebook, recently launched an effort to name a green apple flavored extension. At presstime the "gallery of names" on DubtheDew, a dedicated site, could not be accessed. Reps from the PepsiCo brand could not be reached for comment.

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    The apparent hijacking comes after David Thorpe and Jon Hendren, the minds behind the popular humor site Something Rotten did the same with a Walmart promotion for Energy Sheets. The Facebook-based promotion awarded the city with the most likes with a visit by rapper Pitbull. Thorpe and Hendren rigged the votes so that Pitbull visited a Walmart in Kodiak Island, Alaska, the most remote Walmart location in the U.S.

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