5 natural ways to dye clothing

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5 natural ways to dye clothing

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Berries are a wonderful natural dying source.

Dying your own pieces of clothing can be a fun way to add a custom touch. However, many dyes found in stores are not only harsh, but toxic. This is why many people tend to use natural dyes. Whether you're creating a tie dyed shirt or want to add a splash of color to your jeans, there are several natural options. Here are just five natural ways to dye clothing.

Tea or Coffee

Tea and coffee allow you to easily dye clothing different shades of brown, but fruit teas can also add beautiful colors. For example, white strawberry tea would dye white clothing a beautiful shade of pink. There are so many varieties of tea on the market. This means that you can experiment with different varieties until you find the colors you like.

Crushed Berries

Crushed berries are another great way to dye clothing. Best of all, this is something you can use to create a variegated color on your clothing. By covering a t-shirt in crushed berries, you will get different shades of color depending on how the berries soak into the fabric. You can get a solid color by boiling the crushed berries with hot water and adding your clothing to the pot of hot water and berries. Leave the clothing overnight so that the colors thoroughly saturate the fabric.


There are a number of colorful spices on the market that can be used to dye clothing. Mixing these darkly colored spices with boiling water will allow you to take advantage of spices as a dying medium. Some spices you might want to use include turmeric, paprika and ground mustard. You want to use the freshest spices possible for the best color.


Plants are another great coloring source for natural dyes. Plants can be more difficult to work with to get the different shades of green to come through, but are well worth the trouble. Try using spinach, mustard greens and other dark plants.

Other Fruits and Vegetables

Last, but not least, there are a number of colorful fruits and vegetables that work well in natural dyes. Rhubarb, tomatoes and beets are just a few. Remember, if it stains your hands during preparation, chances are it makes a great dye.

Natural dyes allow you to customize your clothing without worrying about hazardous chemicals. Best of all, natural dyes can be much more affordable.

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