5 summer gift ideas for toddlers

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Summer is approaching fast! Time for playing outside, eating ice cream, and trips to the beach. You don't need much in the way of toys to make summer fun for a toddler; a few basics will do the job! So if you need some summer gift ideas for a birthday party or other summer occasion, here are a few ideas for 1-3 year olds.

Bubble Blower

Blowing bubbles is fun enough, but a machine that lets out hundreds of bubbles in just a few seconds? Even better! Bubble blowers are a great gift idea because they come in all shapes and sizes and can fit any budget. I've never met a toddler who wasn't fascinated with a bubble gun; chances are if you take this to the park you'll soon have a swarm of kids around you running after bubbles!

Ride-on Toy or Tricycle

For young toddlers, a ride-on toy is a great summer gift. Many allow the child to ride while an adult pushes a handle bar attached to the back, and, later on, the handlebar comes off and the child can ride on his own. For an older toddler (2-3 years old), a tricycle is a great way for him to learn how to pedal and steer, with more a little more stability than a bike with training wheels. Be sure to get a helmet and elbow/ knee pads along with a tricycle for safety.


On hot summer days, sometimes nothing hits the spot for a kid like running through a sprinkler. This gift is great for a low budget because you can get a really good one for less than $30, and many are much cheaper at $10-$15.

Roller Skates

Roller skating is another fun summer activity that a toddler can start taking part in once she reaches about 2 years old. Look for roller skates made for toddlers which usually have a few settings on the skates, like the Fisher Price brand's Grow With Me line of skates. The lowest setting completely stops the wheels so the child can learn to walk in the skates with less of a danger of falling. As your child gets more experienced, she can move up to having the wheels allow forward motion but not backwards, and, finally, she can move on to the last setting which allows forward and backwards motion.

Sidewalk Chalk

One of my favorite childhood memories was drawing outside with sidewalk chalk in the summer. This classic toy is so simple but can provide lots of fun for a toddler. He'll love being able to color anywhere he wants on the ground. Also, sidewalk chalk is ideal for little hands since they usually come in big, easy-to-hold sizes. You can give this gift a little more substance by including some stencils to use with the chalk.

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