5 Things Illinois Lottery Winners Have in Common

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5 Things Illinois Lottery Winners Have in Common

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Winning Illinois Lottery Crossword ticket. (Photo courtesy of Janoa Taylor.)

The lottery is all about having the most luck, but sometimes, it seems as though it is a science. Many of the Illinois Lottery's winners swear by a few tricks and offer plenty of advice after winning major sums of money. Here are five commonalities among Illinois Lottery winners:

Quick Picks

I have always wondered which was better: Quick Picks or picking your own numbers. I have seen people in line brag about winning by using the same numbers each week until they win. Then, there are others who use their lucky numbers. After doing some research, it seems that the majority of winners on the Illinois Lottery website say to go with a Quick Pick.

"Get a ticket, give it a try. And I think Quick Picks are the best, because that's how I won $250,000. I'm a Quarter-of-a-Millionaire!" -- George T., Chicago.

Buy at the Same Store

Buying lottery tickets at the same store each time is also another common factor among winners. Many of them buy at grocery and convenience stores by their homes but tend to remain loyal to a specific store.

Lissette Q. from Bolingbrook, Illinois, told the Illinois Lottery, "I bought it at 7-Eleven, 398 South Schmidt Road in Bolingbrook. I always buy my tickets at this store, because it's on my way to work."

Crossword Scratch and Play

There are so many scratch-off tickets to choose from, but after looking over the list of winners, the Crossword games have the most winners for a specific game. There are winners from almost every game, but the Crossword games definitely have the most winners for a game category in the instant games over $25,000.

Casey's and 7-Eleven stores

If you buy lottery tickets at Casey's General Store or 7-Eleven, you may want to double-check your tickets. For the instant game winners over $25,000, these two stores carry the most wins. Maybe it's because there are so many of these two stores, or maybe luck strikes them. Either way, Casey's and 7-Eleven are putting out big winners.

Routine Buyers

Sometimes luck strikes a person on his or her first try, but typically it takes more than one shot to win. When the lottery asked each winner what his or her advice would be to other players, almost every one of them said to keep buying. Like Northbrook, Illinois, winner Laurie A. says, "You can't win if you don't play ... and it only takes a dollar!"

Many of the winners also mention that they sign their tickets, even before the numbers are drawn, and put them in a safe place until redeeming.

Janoa Taylor is a freelance writer with a background in business and finance. She offers a unique local perspective gained from years as a Chicago resident.

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