About 500,000 Early Votes Have Been Cast in Swing State Nevada

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The secretary of state's office in Nevada said that almost 500,000 early votes have already been cast so far, as reported by CNN Tuesday. Democrats lead currently with 215,754 early votes cast, followed by Republicans with 181,278. Others have cast 86,840 votes.

Following are some of the latest goings-on in the Silver State as Nevada's six electoral votes are being hotly contested by both Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama.

* The Cherokee Tribune reported Monday that early voting records have been broken daily since Nevadans began casting or mailing their votes on Saturday, compared with early voting turnout four years ago. The state's residents have until Nov. 2 to vote early.

* The Boston Globe reported Tuesday on a survey released by NPR the same day. It shows that in 12 swing states, which include Nevada, Obama has a lead of four points over Romney, 50 percent to 46 percent.

* Politics365.com reported Tuesday that Romney's campaign and anti-Obama super PACs have outspent Obama's campaign and pro-Obama super PACs by a 2-to-1 margin in the state.

* Las Vegas TV markets have aired the most presidential campaign commercials, according to the Associated Press Monday. Nevada resident Juanita Sowell, an administrative assistant at a college, commented on the saturation of ads, saying, "I see tons of TV ads. I just ignore them."

* Spanish-language TV stations Univision and Telemundo have seen more than $4 million spent for political ads in Las Vegas, per Kantar Media figures reported on by The Las Vegas Sun Wednesday. This is almost seven times the amount spent in 2008 at the same stations in Las Vegas, which was at $600,000.

* Obama currently leads Romney by 2.4 points in Nevada, 50 percent to 47.6 percent, based on averaging of several polls by Real Clear Politics (through Tuesday night).

* Predicting election results in Nevada will be "especially shaky," given in part that the state has the highest unemployment rate in America, which is currently at 11.8 percent, as reported by the Associated Press Monday.

* Among registered Nevada Latino voters, the president has approximately 80 percent support, per a Latino Decisions survey reported on by McClatchy Newspapers Monday. The president netted a 9 percent increase after granting two-year deferrals to young undocumented workers so they could remain in the U.S.

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