7 Weird Facebook Questions For Hillary

7 Weird Facebook Questions For Hillary

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton held a chat on Facebook Monday to promote her new book, Hard Choices. While the former First Lady and potential 2016 presidential candidate got a number of serious questions, she also got quite a few strange ones. These are seven of the most interesting and peculiar:

A gentleman who seems to be from France wonders if the former New York senator takes pleasure in the presidential boomlet surrounding her.

This is a very tough question that Clinton clearly dodged because she couldn't answer.

Man makes non-sequitur.

A man in Kenya really wants a copy of Hard Choices but hasn't heard of Amazon.

This woman would really like a selfie.

Clinton stated earlier in the chat that her favorite book was the Brothers Karamazov. Armin Rosen of Business Insider wants details.

Establishment journalist pathetically begs for access.

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