8 Holiday Family Photo Alternatives, No Ugly Sweaters Required

8 Holiday Family Photo Alternatives, No Ugly Sweaters Required

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1. 'Shopping Memories

1. 'Shopping Memories

Flex your Photoshop muscles to create an action shot that looks like something out of a Michael Bay movie.Image courtesy of Dustin Diaz

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'Tis the season for holiday cards, humblebrags and festive cheer. A sleigh's-worth of joy-stuffed greetings will soon crowd your friends and relatives' mailboxes. That means your wimpy card will seem like a gift-wrapped pair of socks on Christmas morning.

Instead, skip the family photograph (with beaming smiles that rival toothpaste commercials) and opt for a more memorable visual greeting.

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Zombies, stamps or creepy face swaps -- we collected eight ideas for an alternative family snapshot, varying from silly to superhero. Say cheese -- or braaiiiins!

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