9 Ways to Survive Your Holiday Work Party


The approaching holiday season probably means that your annual work holiday party is just around the corner. Although the office party should be a time for cheer, it can quickly turn into a problem if workers get out of hand.

Tony Adam, CEO of Eventup, a service that helps book unique venues for parties, offers a few tips to help workers survive the holiday season without any incidents:

  • Avoid public embarrassment by drinking casually; don't be that employee who gets too drunk.
  • Always keep a drink in hand. The quickest way to get drunk is when people hand you drinks and you lose count. Don't lose track of how many drinks you've had.
  • If you excel in the workplace, but you consider yourself socially awkward, bring a date! Take someone who can take over conversations, in a good way, and act as a front for your feelings of awkwardness.
  • Keep professional boundaries intact. Just because your boss acts like your friend, that person is still your boss, and will continue to judge your character and behavior.
  • Keep the crazy or provocative dance moves under wraps. It's a party, but those are still your coworkers and bosses standing around the dance floor.
  • Keep it clean by not flirting or hitting on people that you work with or see regularly.
  • Don't play the part of the "one upper" by trying to include yourself in every conversation or brag about yourself.
  • Keep it simple: good conversation with coworkers ca be great, but don't get into intense topics, like religion or politics.
  • Don't be inappropriate! It's okay to tell a joke or two, but make sure your jests are mellow and don't cross any boundaries. You never know whom you might offend.

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