• Clothes taken in search for missing UVa student

    In a second search of the home of the man believed to be the last person seen with a missing University of Virginia student, officials said they took pieces of clothing, but they would not elaborate on the importance of the items Tuesday. The clothing was found Monday at Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr.'s…

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  • Putin warns Ukraine against implementing EU deal -letter

    By Robin Emmott BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Moscow will curtail Ukraine's access to vital Russian markets if Kiev implements any part of a trade agreement with the European Union, President Vladimir Putin warned in a letter, toughening his stance on a deal at the center of East-West tensions. In a letter…

  • CDC Predicts As Many As 1.4 Million Ebola Cases by Early 2015

    A new and particularly grim CDC projection estimates that Ebola cases in western Africa could easily breach the million mark in just four months. Researchers say the total number of cases is vastly underreported by a factor of 2.5 in Sierra Leone and Liberia, two of the three hardest-hit countries.…

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    Teen `Sexting` Scandal Prompts Criminal Investigation

    Photos of a Michigan high school student in sexually explicit positions has gone viral and sparked a criminal investigation.

  • Love, eggs and ideas: the keys to NKorean weightlifting success

    North Korean weightlifters Om Yun Chol and Kim Un Guk faced the media at a news conference on Tuesday that was supposed to focus on their world records and gold medals from the Incheon Asian Games this week. What transpired, however, was pure North Korean theater complete with an interfering…

  • Israel takes delivery of new hi-tech German sub

    The Israeli military announced on Tuesday it has taken delivery from Germany of a new submarine, the most sophisticated in its fleet. A third of the cost of the new Dolphin 2 class sub was borne by Germany as part of its military aid to the Jewish state. "INS Tanin is the first Israeli Navy…

  • Keep Your Pants, and Your Dignity, at the Hospital

    Although the white coats that doctors wear have been scrutinized for their authoritarian look, the open-in-the-back gowns that hospital patients wear, and the effect these gowns have on patients' dignity and state-of-mind while in the hospital, have gone largely unexamined. "There are a number of…

  • Rare Warhol paintings headed to NYC auction

    The A-list trifecta of music, film and art is going on the auction block at Christie's in November. "Triple Elvis (Ferus Type)" and "Four Marlons" rate among Warhol's most famous portraits. The Elvis, executed in ink and silver paint in 1963, depicts the rock 'n' roll heartthrob as a cowboy, armed…

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  • Allowance Advice for Well-Meaning Parents

    Allowances seem like a relatively easy way to teach kids some basic lessons in financial literacy. Lewis Mandell, a financial economist with a research specialization in financial literacy, says his review of more than 50 years worth of allowance research found that kids who receive a regular,…

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  • Take a Good Look at This Rare Malayan Tiger—It May Be One of Your Last

    Malaysia's tigers have all but disappeared, and poachers from nearby countries have pushed them to the brink of extinction, according to a new report.  Previous estimates had the country's tiger population between 500 and 1,500. Malayan tigers (Panthera tigris jacksoni) are one of the six remaining…

  • Islamic State redeploys fighters towards Kurdish areas-Kurdish armed group

    Islamic State fighters are redeploying from areas hit in U.S.-led air strikes towards Kurdish-controlled territory in Syria, the main Syrian Kurdish armed group said on Tuesday. It also urged air strikes on Islamic State fighters attacking the town of Kobani. Redur Xelil, speaking to Reuters via…

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    Harry Baker fails to appear in court; judge says he's had enough

    The child molestation charges have been postponed and delayed for the past seven years. Now, when he is found, Harry Baker is going to jail.

    KFSN – Fresno
  • Jack Ma of Alibaba becomes China's richest person

    The largest stock offer in history has made Jack Ma, founder of e-commerce giant Alibaba, China's richest person with a fortune of $25 billion, an annual wealth ranking in the world's second largest economy showed Tuesday. "It has been an amazing year for China's best tycoons despite the jitters…

  • 10 Colleges That Award International Students the Most Financial Aid

    The U.S. News Short List, separate from our overall rankings, is a regular series that magnifies individual data points in hopes of providing students and parents a way to find which undergraduate or graduate programs excel or have room to grow in specific

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  • Family of ISIS Hostage Alan Henning Pleads for His Release

    Just over a week ago, Alan Henning appeared at the end of an ISIS video showing hostage David Haines's tragic execution. Henning's life was threatened by the executioner, known only as "Jihadi John." Henning, a British citizen, was captured by terrorists and taken hostage last December while on his…

    The Atlantic Wire
  • St. Louis County cops apologize for flier wording

    St. Louis County police apologized Monday for the wording of a flier announcing a seminar to help officers interact with the media. The flier on county letterhead says topics of the Oct. 24 program at the St. Louis County and Municipal Police Academy will include "Feeding the Animals" and "Meet the…

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  • Infiniti takes inspiration from Germany for its Paris Motor Show concept

    Proving that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, Infiniti is taking a leaf out of Mercedes' book with its latest concept car, the Q80 Inspiration. Making its global debut at next month's Paris Motor Show, the Q80 Inspiration is a luxurious four-door, four-seat fastback. Infiniti…

    AFP Relax News
  • Woman Ripped From Her Vehicle, Carjacked In Middle Of Fast Food Order

    A man is in police custody after police say he carjacked a woman at a fast-food drive thru in Oklahoma City. Police say a woman in the McDonald`s drive-thru and was forced out of her car by a man. The woman said the unknown man walked up, opened her car door, pulled her out of her car, got in and…

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