Miracle Baby Born Still Inside Its Amniotic Sac

This is the remarkable moment a baby was born – inside its amniotic sac.

The tiny baby was born 26 weeks prematurely, with its placenta and umbilical cord still inside the bag of fluid.

He had to be removed by a ceasarean.

Remarkably Silas Johnson, whose entry into the world was just a 1 in 80,000 occurrence, is now a healthy ten-week-old.


Rare birth: The baby inside the amniotic sac


Doing well: Ten-week-old Silas Johnson

Video footage showed the tiny child, who was born in California, yawning inside his amniotic sac, before being freed by a doctor.

He can even be seen wriggling around and moving his arms.

A doctor can later be seen snipping the amniotic sac open. As the baby comes out he gives a little cry as he takes his first breath.

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