According to Apple, New iPad Is as Thin as a Pencil Lead

According to Apple, New iPad Is as Thin as a Pencil Lead

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Just how thin is the new fourth-generation iPad? According to the company's own product page, impossibly so.

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The page describing the iPad's design says quite prominently that the new iPad is 0.37 millimeters thin, or about the same thickness as the lead in a mechanical pencil. It's also roughly the thickness of three or four human hairs stacked together.

We reviewed the fourth-generation iPad last week, but during our testing we failed to notice Apple had flattened the tablet to the point where it's about as thick as four sheets of standard office paper. Perhaps we were holding it wrong?

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No word on when Apple will be fixing the obvious typo, first spotted by an eagle-eyed Reddit user. In both the accompanying text and the official spec page, Apple lists the correct spec of 0.37 of an inch.

It's not like Apple, known for its perfectionism, to make this kind of mistake, although the company recently announced the departure of iOS software chief Scott Forstall -- maybe he was also the company's lead proofreader.

Know of any other infamous tech typos? Please share in the comments.

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