Admissibility hearing begins for alleged Asian crime boss in Vancouver

Associated Press

VANCOUVER - An alleged Asian crime boss is expected to appear before immigration officials today, as federal lawyers try to have him removed from the country.

Lai Tong Sang and his family arrived in Vancouver in October 1996, but police in Macau have described him as the leader of a notorious gang (called Wo On Lok).

Reports written by the RCMP and U.S. law enforcement officials allege the gang is a branch of the Hong-Kong based Wo group, which has a worldwide reach and is involved with money laundering, prostitution, drugs and human smuggling.

Lawyers for the Canada Border Service Agency are expected to argue Lai lied about his membership in a criminal organization so he could enter Canada.

They are expected to also allege his wife and children misrepresented their immigration status.

The hearing before the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada is expected to continue Wednesday and Thursday.

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