• Al-Qaeda-linked jihadists claim UN suicide attack in Mali

    The Al-Qaeda-linked group of notorious one-eyed Algerian militant Mokhtar Belmokhtar claimed responsibility in a recording Friday for a deadly suicide attack on the United Nations in Mali. Two civilians were killed and nine peacekeepers from Niger wounded when a militant set off explosives as he…

  • Is Al Qaeda In Decline?

    Every week, The WorldPost asks an expert to shed light on a topic driving headlines around the world. This week, we spoke with Aaron Zelin about the state of Al Qaeda.Since the rise of the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria, al-Qaeda, the global terrorist network behind the attacks of 9/11 and…

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  • How is Kenya fighting Al Shabab? By all means necessary.

    Horrified, she watched the television news earlier this month as students her daughter’s age were gunned down at Garissa University College by Muslim gunmen sent by Somalia’s Al Shabab, a militant army allied with Al Qaeda. “Those children could have been my children,” Ms. Kuria says by telephone…

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  • Assad says Turkish support 'main factor' in Idlib takeover

    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said Turkish support was the main factor that helped insurgents to seize the northwestern Syrian city of Idlib from his government's control last month. Idlib, a short drive from the Turkish border, is only the second provincial capital to fall to insurgents in…

  • Qaeda takes key Yemen army camp, heavy weapons: official

    Al-Qaeda militants in southeast Yemen on Friday seized heavy weapons as they overran a key camp in Hadramawt provincial capital Mukalla, consolidating their grip on the city, an official said. "Today Al-Qaeda fighters took control of the 27th Mechanised Brigade's camp and seized heavy weapons…

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    Ohio Man Charged With Joining Al Qaeda Affiliate

    FBI claims he intended to go to a Texas military base to execute American soldiers.

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  • Al Qaeda In Yemen Seizes Massive Weapons Depot

    SANAA, Yemen (AP) -- Al-Qaida's Yemen branch routed government forces from a large weapons depot in the country's east on Friday, seizing dozens of tanks, Katyusha rocket launchers and small arms, security officials said, as airstrikes by a Saudi-led coalition intensified in the capital, Sanaa, and…

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  • Two Qaeda suspects killed in Yemen drone attack

    Two suspected Al-Qaeda militants were killed overnight in Yemen in a drone strike believed to have been carried out by the United States, a tribal source said on Friday. It "killed the two occupants, two members of Al-Qaeda," said the source, identifying one of the victims as Khaled Atef, a cousin…