Amazon partners with 7-11 for in store pick ups

Rumors are spreading around the internet about Amazon teaming up with 7-Eleven to offer an in-store pickup option for online shoppers. There has been no official word from either company on the matter, but there seems to be some new photographic evidence of the union. GeekWire was able to locate a giant locker in a Seattle 7-Eleven, even though there was no Amazon branding it sounds as though this will be where Amazon shoppers can have their orders delivered.

The wall of lockers measures around 7-feet tall, and looks to have 43 individual lockers to choose from. With each locker looking large enough to hold at least one of Amazon’s new tablets. The 7-Eleven employees at the location could not answer many questions about the mysterious lockers, but they did say to ask Amazon for further information. All that they really knew was that the lockers would be turned on this coming Friday.

The locker delivery system will be Amazon’s chance to offer its customers the same service as brick-and-mortar retailer’s online stores. This will give Amazon customers a chance to have their packages delivered to a place other than their home or office.

The system sounds like a hybrid between a P.O. box and an in-store pick up. Without external locks on the lockers it’s unclear if a customer will have to rent a box in advance of the purchase or if it will be an option for all users. With a computer at the center of the locker system it is possible that no keys will be needed, and a customer can unlock their locker through the computer. It is still unknown if there will be a reduction of shipping costs to have packages shipped to a locker vs. sent to an actual address. Currently Walmart and BestBuy offer in-store pick up without an additional shipping charge.

We still aren’t sure how exactly 7-Eleven will benefit from this agreement. Perhaps it is hoping that Amazon shoppers will pick up a Surpee along with their packages, or maybe Amazon is simply paying them for the service.