Amazon's "Killer App" Targets Apple

Amazon's "Killer App" Targets Apple

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Amazon's "Killer App" Targets Apple

Officially launching today, the Kindle Cloud Reader is poised to help Amazon fight Apple's in-app purchasing rules. According to Ingrid Lunden at

The app, which can be accessed here, works using HTML5 and is currently optimized to be used via Safari for iPad, Safari on desktop and Chrome—with more device and platform support (including the iPhone) presumably in the works. It comes as a complement to a number of native apps that Amazon has developed for iOS, PCs, Macs, Android devices and BlackBerry.

Cloud Reader can offer Amazon a far greater degree of control over the app, Lunden adds, "and plays to the company’s other big strand of business around centralized, cloud-based services."

And if or when Amazon releases it own tablet, Cloud Reader will be all the more powerful.

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