American, British Politicians Diss the Will of the People Just like Gadhafi

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The Telegraph reported that former Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi was buried today in a secret desert grave after days of public display of his sickening corpse. Politicians on both sides of the Atlantic have hailed the ultimate demise of the corrupt strongman, glad that one fewer dictator not honoring the will of the people is gone. Yet American and British leaders continually diss the will of their own people. What a display of disingenuous behavior from Washington and London.

How coincidental it was to view British Prime Minister David Cameron on the U.K. Parliament's live online stream Monday speaking about how great it was for Libya to be finally done with the despot Gaddafi.

But then after hours of ensuing debate, the will of the British people was flushed down the loo after a motion calling for a future referendum on staying, leaving or changing membership terms in the European Union was soundly defeated in the House of Commons. This was greatly due to the shameful "three-line whip (vote this way or else)" tactics of the leaders of the major U.K. parties, including Cameron's.

The British people triggered the debate and vote by a public e-petition reaching the required numbers. But once again, the wishes of the citizens wanting to vote on matters that affect them every day were squashed by self-serving politicians.

Meanwhile, a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows that when the American people know more specifics of President Barack Obama's jobs bill, they favor it by 63 percent to 32 percent. But none of the proposals brought forward by the president has been signed into law so far, thanks mainly to hard-line right wingers who believe fewer regulations and more tax cuts for the wealthy will solve everything.

So struggling Americans continue to see gridlock from Washington, wondering where the money for the mortgage and groceries will come from while members of Congress showboat on MSNBC and Fox News. And the British people still lack an ultimate say on whether they want the tentacles of Brussels (the EU headquarters) reaching out and choking them with controversial policies.

Col. Gadhafi may be dead, but he could be feeling a bit of perverted joy between jabs of the devil's pitchfork knowing that the governments who removed him have leaders who disregard the will of their own citizens, albeit less violently.

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