How Android Phone Owners Use Their Devices [INFOGRAPHIC]

How Android Phone Owners Use Their Devices [INFOGRAPHIC]

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If you have a and live in Sweden, chances are you like to talk on your mobile device using Bluetooth while on-the-go -- that's according to a recent study that shows Swedes use Bluetooth and wireless headsets more than people from any other country (47%). And owners of Samsung Galaxy-S phones use the most minutes per month of all Android devices (431).

Tawkon, an app that measures how much radiation your phone is emitting, and by the company , which is a mobile app monetization exchange, created this infographic based on Tawkon's data for Android devices. This data was gathered from Tawkon's millions of daily data points over a period of several months.

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"At Tawkon, we like to think of ourselves as the seat belt of the mobile phone," writes Amit Lubovsky, VP of business development and marketing for Tawkon. "Mobile radiation is a hot topic and it is too early to know how serious of a problem it is. We say 'why not talk responsibly using Tawkon?' Our engaged user base agrees and you can see just how engaged they are in some of the data displayed here."

Check out the data in the infographic below and tell us, do you identify with these stats?

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