Angry Birds lands on Facebook a day early

If you’re feeling a bit upset over the lack of dates on Valentine’s day, or just upset in general, not to fear. You might find a fun way to unwind with Angry Birds on Facebook, arriving a day ahead of its official release date.

As one of today’s biggest gaming apps on all mobile platforms, it was only a matter of time before fans could enjoy swinging cartoony, pissed-off birds into a herd of slimy pigs on the largest social network in the world. The Flash-based and fullscreen-capable Facebook version of Angry Birds also comes with its own unique features, such as buyable power-ups that allow players to essentially cheat their way into blowing up the pigs’ plethora of crazy hideout spots.

“There are four different types of power-ups and they can be accessed via the lightning bolt button at the top of the screen,” Rovio described. “You can use two power-ups per level … All power-ups have a different effect but ultimately make you more competitive against your friends by making your birds stronger or more accurate.”

These power-ups include the super-sizing Super Seeds, which help boost the size of the bird currently in the slingshot, increasing the amount of destruction that bird is capable of doing. The King Sling works a bit more with the physics aspect of the game, upping the “initial launch speed” of each bird to change its flight trajectory, velocity, and how the birds land into each level’s intricate designs.

But perhaps the most powerful upgrade is the Sling Scope, which “allows you to see a large part of a bird’s trajectory before launch,” increasing target precision. Fans may also enjoy the earth-shattering Birdquake that can shake the ground of a level to help nudge the stubborn pigs that are located just along the tips and edges of the structures to fall off. We also anticipate this power-up to be good for wooden planks that are leaning on each other (as opposed to a sturdy stack) to come apart. After all, how many times have you played the game hoping the pigs will slowly but eventually roll off, but don’t?

Angry Birds FB Screenshot
Angry Birds FB Screenshot

And since the game needs a social component to calling a social network home, players can challenge their friends to beat the high scores within the Facebook app. Players can also “mystery gift” power-ups to their friends once a day. Don’t wanna pay for power-ups? You can receive these features for free if you play on consecutive days to earn daily rewards leading up to a complimentary power-up.

Angry Birds was previously only available as an app on iOS, Android, Windows phone and other mobile platforms, PlayStation Portable and PC/Mac games, and on Google Chrome. The game was also reportedly coming to the Nintendo 3DS and Wii. With no signs of stopping its expansion, the Facebook edition of Angry Birds will only help the franchise boost its worldwide presence.

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