Animal Hoarding: 74 Cats Found in One-Bedroom Trailer

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Those poor cats.

Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter officers found 74 cats inside of a one-bedroom trailer today, reports.

The animals were all over the trailer--covering the floor, so that there was no space to walk, and even inside the walls, where a few clawed their way in to find some space.

Somewhat miraculously, nearly all of the cats were friendly and social. A few were pregnant.

The two women who live there have obsessive compulsive disorder but cooperated with the officials, who took the animals to a shelter to be put up for adoption.

As anyone who has seen an episode of Hoarders knows, cats aren't the only animals at risk of becoming hoarding victims.

In the Chicago area earlier this month, David Skeberdis, a 57-year-old from Aurora, Illinois, was charged with animal hoarding after police found more than 400 birds in his home, reports.

He'll have to go to court December 4, but the evidence isn't in his favor: officials found 478 birds, piles of rubbish, bird feces and bird seed, and mold counts that could be dangerous.

The article said that Skeberdis began collecting birds seven years ago and just wanted to give the animals "good homes." He could go to jail for up to six months if convicted.

In Kansas City, Missouri, last month, six people faced charges of animal hoarding and drug dealing at an Extended Stay Inn, reports.

After more than 100 complaints, officials found rooms filled with cats and dogs, animal feces, fleas, mold, and drugs.

The hotel's residents had to relocate within 24 hours, and all of the animals confiscated were brought to a local shelter.

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