Another Woman Faints During Another Obama Speech -- Again

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COMMENTARY | Another woman fainted during another speech by President Barack Obama. With the growing number of ladies swooning and the curiously similar responses from the president at each incident, it's starting to resemble a campaign version of the movie Groundhog Day. Maybe it's just me but something's just not right.

"Looks like somebody might've fainted up here," the CBS video shows Obama saying in the middle of his speech at the Daimler plant in Mt. Holly, N.C. on Wednesday. "Have we got -- Somebody -- EMS -- Somebody -- Don't worry about it. Folks do this all the time in my meetings. You always got to eat before you stand for a long time -- that's a little tip. They'll be OK, just make sure -- give them a little room."

It was the second fainting in one week.

A woman fainted as Obama began his speech at Nashua Community College in New Hampshire on March 1. Oddly, he seemed to use the same script he brought to North Carolina. The video from shows the glaring similarities: They were "standing too long," "give them a little space" a call for "an "EMT" and the suggestion that his fans "you have to eat ahead of time to keep your blood sugar up."

A fainting video from a Feb. 24, 2007, Obama rally in Los Angeles has been from YouTube "removed by the user." But that's OK. It isn't like there's a shortage of them.

In February 2008, James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal chronicled no less than five incidents of women fainting during Obama's campaign speeches between Sept. 7, 2007 and Feb. 8, 2008. Ironically, each incident was always followed by the same awkwardly similar response -- same words, same order.

"Give them space," a call for "an EMT" or "a medic" and an admonishment for them to "eat something" or "drink something" before they arrive.

May 2, 2008 -- SisterToldJa grabbed another one in Charlotte, N.C. Same script.

December 2008 -- Multiple Iowans faint in Des Moines at the Obama and Oprah show.

It's deja vu all over again.

April 2009 -- "Did somebody faint?" The president asked mid-speech at FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C. as reported by ABC. "Do we have a EMT here?"

Then Obama joked with the distressed and fidgeting audience that fainting was a common occurrence during his 2008 campaign.

Yes. We remember. We have televisions, computers -- videos

March 2010 -- Another fainting at a rally in Ohio.

October 2010 -- Multiple faintings during his speech in Maryland. Same script. Same order.

So, it's official -- the fainting Obama fans are back. Of course, they never went away, now did they?

It's just another one of those things that make you go, "Hmmmmm."

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