Apple Suing Samsung: One Infinite Loop

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COMMENTARY | Samsung 2, Apple 0.

According to CNET, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh denied Apple's Grinch-like request for an order that would have precluded Samsung from selling its highest-profile electronics into the Christmas season in U.S. markets.


The two companies have long battled over patents for tablets and smartphones with Apple contending that Samsung is blatantly copying the Cupertino company's products.

Steve Parks, Apple spokesperson in South Korea said "that Samsung's latest products look a lot like the iPhone and iPad … even the packaging."

Last month, according to Courier Mail, Samsung won its appeal in Australia against a ban that would have temporarily halted the sale of Galaxy tablets Down Under.

Comments on several sites seem to point to Apple over-reaching in the case. On MarketWatch, ThoughtfulMonkey commented on Apple's infringement argument.

"How much distinction can you really add to a notepad shaped piece of plastic? [Apple's] argument is no different than if the Mead Company tried to sue the Paper Tree Company for selling paper notebooks that look like paper notebooks."

"So apparently," added another commenter, bobd3311, "no one else can make a tablet that looks like, oh, I don't know, a tablet?"

Dream Bigger

This suit is more than just a patent case between two big companies. The real question in this case here is, "Has Apple forgotten what we all learned from Steve Jobs?"

Mr. Jobs once reportedly told Disney executives to "dream bigger," when they were re-imagineering Disney retail stores. Without the Gandhi of Technology leading Apple, the company may be adrift as it tries to find its next big dream.

Apple's on-again off-again patent suits against Samsung should raise a question for investors about the company's true focus.

Vegasbaby on MarketWatch gave this advice. "So, perhaps Apple should represent themselves (and their late, great leader) in a better light by just accepting this defeat and [choosing] to move forward."

Records are meant to be broken

The iPod, iPad, iPhone all have been great inventions and innovations. But, the iPod was after all just an MP3 player that Apple made great. Consumers have come to expect Apple to create the next big thing.

However, is it possible that someone else is already creating the next big thing? And, isn't that the reason for innovation in the first place? Aren't records meant to be broken?

"Perfection has been achieved with the Samsung Galaxy S," Vegasbaby continues, "Thank you [Apple] for paving the way to what is possible: innovation, re-invented."

Apple's pursuit of this case seems to be a distraction, which brings up several more questions.

Is Apple resting on its laurels? Is there nothing new after the iPod, iPad, and iPhone? Is Apple caught in One Infinite Loop in Cupertino, Calif., 95014?

Is the next big thing already here?

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