Apple’s tablet share plummets 40% in China
iPad Market Share Q2 2013 China

iPad Market Share Q2 2013 China

Apple’s share of the global tablet market dropped by about 14% on-year in the June quarter, and the company’s slide was even more severe in China. According to new data released by IDC on Wednesday, Apple’s tablet market share plummeted 40% year-over-year in China in the second quarter. The Financial Times reports that Apple shipped 1.48 million iPads in China during the June quarter, according to IDC’s numbers. That was good for just 28% of the tablet market in the country. In the same quarter last year, IDC said Apple’s share of the Chinese tablet market was 68.2%. Apple’s iPad shipments grew in China during that time period, but nowhere near as briskly as the overall market thanks to the explosion of low-cost Android tablets led by white-box vendors.

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