Apps Can Respond Faster With HP Cloud DNS

Apps Can Respond Faster With HP Cloud DNS

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Apps Can Respond Faster With HP Cloud DNS

You may have noticed that we recently introduced a new service: HP Cloud DNS. This service gives you instant, on-demand access to a global IP Anycast network that offers the performance and reliability you expect from HP Cloud Services.

So why is DNS important?  What makes HP Cloud DNS unique?  And how can you get started using the service? 

What is DNS and why is it important?

The Domain Name System – better known as DNS – is used by the internet to perform name-to-address and address-to-name resolution. All servers on the internet have an IP address. At a very basic level, DNS allows users to access a server on the internet using a domain name that is mapped to an IP address. For example, a request for a site like is translated to a server with the IP address of using DNS.

What does HP Cloud DNS offer that is unique?

Global Presence

HP has partnered with Akamai to provide you with on-demand access to a proven enterprise-ready DNS network with more than 75 edge locations worldwide. The result is you have the ability to quickly leverage one of the largest DNS networks available giving you a unique highly available, low-latency DNS service.


HP Cloud DNS is built from the ground up using Moniker, an open source community-led project with the goal of providing DNS as a Service (DNSaaS) for OpenStack. As a result, the HP Cloud DNS REST API is fully compatible with the Moniker API. This enables you to migrate your applications to other cloud providers with greater ease, minimizing vendor lock-in.

Performance and Reliability

HP Cloud DNS uses IP Anycast routing which means DNS requests are routed to the nearest server, providing the fastest lookup time possible and ensuring that your application feels responsive from the start. Our DNS service is also designed with redundancy in mind to provide maximum uptime. In the unlikely event a DNS node fails, another node steps in to automatically handle the traffic.

How do I get started?

To get started, sign up for free early access to HP Cloud DNS. You must already have an HP Cloud account to be granted access to the program.

Once you receive a welcome email, you can begin to create DNS zones and records immediately using the HP Cloud DNS REST API. Management Console support is coming soon.

Finally, your feedback is why we run these early access programs. We would love to hear from you, both the good and bad, so sign up today and let us know what you think on our forum or contact the HP Cloud DNS team directly.

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