April 30: Beltane, National Honesty Day, Bugs Bunny Debut, National Raisin Day

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"Welcome, summer" is one theme of Beltane, also called the Celtic Flower Festival or May Eve. Sometimes the fertility festival was called Roodmas by the "medieval Christian Church in an attempt to associate Beltane with the Cross (the Rood) rather than the life-giving symbol of the Maypole" according to the Byzant Scriptorium. Beltane is the named after the solar deity Bel.

During Beltane, a fire made from nine sacred woods was lit. "Domestic animals and people pass between the bonfires to eliminate disease and misfortune. Ancient Beltane festivals customarily included sexuality, dancing around the maypole, and singing," according to the Diversity Calendar.

Bugs Bunny Debut

July 27, 1940, is cited as the debut of a "mature" form of Bugs Bunny in "A Wild Hare." However, the first time audiences caught sight of the wascally wabbit was on April 30, 1938, in a short theatrical cartoon called "Porky's Hare Hunt." In that first appearance he was only credited as "Happy Rabbit." Bugs Bunny did not utter his famous catch phrase, "What's up, Doc?" until he came face to face with Elmer Fudd in "A Wild Hare."

National Honesty Day

The month that starts with dishonesty, white lies and trickery on April Fool's Day gets straightened out with National Honesty Day. The holiday "encourages honesty in the workplace and the marketplace and to honor the honorable" with a focus on "a nationwide emphasis this coming year on honesty to prevent the increasing examples of lying and fraud that are harming society and damaging our nation's quality of life," according to the holiday's creator, M. Hirsh Goldberg, former press secretary to a governor of Maryland.

People were asked to rank professions in terms of who is the most honest in the 2011 Gallup Annual Honesty and Ethics Poll. Nurses keep topping the list:

* Most honest and ethical: nurses, pharmacists, medical doctors, high school teachers, and police officers.

* Least honest and ethical: members of Congress, lobbyists, car salespeople, telemarketers, and advertising practitioners.

Raisin Day

Do they sound better if you call them dried grapes? Sprinkle these healthy nuggets of fruit in your cereal, favorite cookie dough, or homemade trail mix. Raisins are one of the top sources of dietary boron, a trace mineral. Boron "provides protection against osteoporosis and reproduces many of the positive effects of estrogen therapy in postmenopausal women," according to World's Healthiest Foods.

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