April 4: Tell a Lie Day, Cordon Bleu Day, Paraprofessional Appreciation Day, Vitamin C Isolated Anniversary

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Tell a Lie Day

On April 4, 1984, a fictional character struggled with truth and lies. "Thoughtcrime, they called it. Thoughtcrime was not a thing that could be concealed forever. You might dodge successfully for a while, even for years, but sooner or later they were bound to get you," Winston Smith wrote. Smith had good reason to hide from the own truths in his head, and was forced to live a lie Orwell's "1984."

Tell a Lie Day is an odd holiday, but sometimes, the truth gets bent, stretched and ignored.

* People tell white lies, to save someone's feelings.

* Parents teach their kids about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

* Lies have many names in our language: fibs, falsehoods, falsity, fish stories, a pack of lies, pulling your leg, tall tales, fish tales, and whopper.

* Celebrate the holiday by playing "Two truths and a lie."

Cordon Bleu Day

Common ingredients come together for an extraordinary taste in Chicken Cordon Bleu. Thin chicken breasts are wrapped around a slice of ham and cheese, breaded, fried and sometimes served with a creamy wine sauce. Stuffed meats, or roulades, were common in Europe. The Italian version of Cordon Bleu used Prosciutto and Parmesan according to Food Timeline. The dish became popular in the U.S. in the 1960s when more common items, including deli ham and Swiss cheese, were used for the filling.

Make your own:

* Grilled chicken Cordon Bleu

* In a crock pot

* A kid-friendly version

Paraprofessional Appreciation Day

They work with teachers in the classroom. Some work in doctor's office, at a law firm or in a library. Paraprofessionals assist professionals in many different settings. The governor of Missouri established this holiday, celebrated on the first Wednesday of April, to recognize paraprofessionals, especially the ones working in education.

* Give the paraprofessional in your office or classroom a longer lunch, a small gift card or a card saying, "Thanks."

* Bring in a breakfast basket with bagels or muffins and some fresh orange juice to share.

Vitamin C Isolated Anniversary

Have you had your vitamin C yet? If you skipped the orange juice, you could always have red yellow or green peppers, apple cider, guavas, chives, parsley, kale, grapefruits or leaks, all of which are high in vitamin C, according to Nutrition Data. On April 4, 1932, "Professor C. Glen King of the University of Pittsburgh isolated vitamin C, a medical and scientific breakthrough, after five years of effort," according to Today in Science. Vitamin C was used to prevent scurvy, "long a source of human suffering."

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