The 'Artists' icon on an iPhone is a silhouette of Bono, the lead singer for U2.

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When you open the iPod function from your iPhone or iPod Touch menu, you'll see a small icon on the bottom singing into a microphone with the 'Artists' tag. Before you click on it to scroll through your content, take a closer look. That silhouette? It's Bono, U2's lead singer.

Back in 2004, Bono and the other Irish rockers had a very close-knit relationship with Apple. The band filmed an iPod commercial, had their entire 400-song discography featured in the first iTunes 'Digital Box Set,' and even were featured on their very own limited-edition 'U2 iPod'! The band has since moved on to form a partnership with rival company Blackberry, but you can still see Bono's likeness on your iGadgets!
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