Asad Rauf accuses Mumbai police of 'character assassination' over IPL 'betting' charges

Islamabad, Sept 28 (ANI): Match-fixing accused Pakistan umpire Asad Rauf has reportedly denied the allegations made against him by the Mumbai police in its charge sheet on the Indian Premier League (IPL) betting scandal and said that the police is indulging in 'character assassination'. Rauf, who is listed as a 'wanted accused' in the charge sheet, was allegedly given gifts by bookies, following which he passed on match-related information to them and placed bets on matches himself while officiating in the tournament. According to the Daily Times, the police made the case against Rauf on the evidence of transcripts of recorded phone conversations that the umpire allegedly had with the other accused in the chargesheet. Stating that his client did not trust the judgement of the Mumbai police even though he respected the Indian judicial system, Rauf's lawyer Syed Ali Zafar said that Rauf would not go to India to contest any trial, adding that the allegations are just a Mumbai police conspiracy to defame Rauf's and Pakistan's name and commit character assassination. Insisting on Rauf's innocence, Zafar also said that the umpire is well-known, professional and competent, although he added that Rauf will provide witnesses and prove his innocence only if the Mumbai police goes to the ICC's anti-Corruption unit or approaches the relevant Pakistani authorities. Meanwhile, Rauf said that the bags mostly contained religious items and that there was nothing wrong with 'exchanging gifts', and denied allegations that he left the bags behind while 'escaping' from India. (ANI)