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Space & Astronomy

  • Possible Mars Mission 'Showstopper': Vision Risks for Astronauts

    Mars may possess a stark and austere beauty, but a manned Red Planet mission will likely not be easy on the eyes. Recently, scientists have begun realizing that spaceflight can cause serious and perhaps permanent vision problems in astronauts. NASA researchers are working hard to understand the…
  • Mars Puts on Dazzling Show for Amateur Astronomers (Photos)

    A cosmic alignment between Earth and Mars is giving stargazers eye-popping views of the Red Planet.
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  • Explosive Surprise: Huge Volcanoes Shook Mercury for Billions of Years

    Explosive volcanic eruptions apparently shaped Mercury's surface for billions of years — a surprising finding, given that until recently scientists had thought the phenomenon was impossible on the sun-scorched planet. On Earth, explosive volcanic eruptions can lead to catastrophic damage, such as…
  • Rosy Cosmic Cloud Glows with Stars in New Telescope View (Video, Photo)

    A distant group of hot, young stars cause a cloud of hydrogen gas to glow a rosy red 7,300 light-years from Earth in the latest amazing view from a telescope in Chile. Called Gum 41, the cloud stars in a new photo released by the European Southern Observatory today (April 16). Radiation emitted by…
  • Saturn Shines Near the Moon Tonight: How to See It

    To the naked eye, Saturn appears more or less like any other bright star, except that usually it shines with a steady light rather than twinkling. But watching their changing positions from night to night is endlessly fascinating.
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    NASA is announcing a new discovery it made using its Kepler Space Telescope. The agency has already found 961 planets outside our solar system

  • Dwarf Planet Discovery Could Help Show Life's Spread Through Solar System

    On March 26, researchers announced the discovery of 2012 VP133, an estimated 280-mile wide (450-kilometer) object that lies just beyond the Kuiper Belt of icy objects that swarm outside of Neptune's orbit. The new object is nicknamed "Biden" after the vice-president of the United States, because…
  • 'Clever Editing' Warps Scientists' Words in New Geocentrism Film

    Four prominent cosmologists say they were misquoted in a documentary trailer promoting a claim debunked more than 450 years ago: that the Earth is in a privileged spot in the universe. Co-producer Robert Sungenis did not respond to multiple interview requests from Live Science. His  trailer…
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  • The Search for Gravitational Waves: New Documentary on Project LIGO Launches (Watch Online)

    A newly released documentary brings the hunt for ripples in the fabric of space-time — called gravitational waves — into focus, and you can watch it live on The 20-minute film, called "LIGO, A Passion for Understanding," follows the scientists working to create one of the most powerful…
  • NASA catches a glimpse of Saturn birthing a new moon

    For the first and perhaps the last time ever, NASA's Cassini spacecraft, whose mission is to orbit Saturn, has captured a new moon emerge from the Jovian planet's rings. As you might know, the birth of ...

  • SpaceX will try again Fri. to launch station cargo

    SpaceX is shooting for another launch attempt Friday to deliver supplies to the International Space Station. NASA confirmed the launch date Wednesday, two days after a last-minute rocket leak delayed the ...

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  • NASA Photo May Show Birth of New Saturn Moon (Image)

    A NASA spacecraft may have witnessed the birth of a new Saturn moon. Photographs taken by NASA's Cassini probe in April 2013 show a bright arc about 750 miles (1,200 kilometers) long and 6 miles (10 km) wide at the edge of Saturn's outermost ring (known as the A ring). "We have not seen anything…
  • Incredible Technology: How to Grab an Asteroid and Park It Near Earth

    Editor's Note: In this weekly series, explores how technology drives space exploration and discovery. NASA's plan to lasso an asteroid, bring it into a stable orbit near the moon and let astronauts visit it might sound ambitious, but the space agency is looking at two different ways to…
  • NASA Wants Ideas to Recycle Precious Oxygen on Deep-Space Voyages

    When humans leave Earth to explore planets like Mars and other hostile environments in outer space, they'll need to supply their own breathable oxygen. But as Michael Gazarik, associate administrator of NASA's Space Technology Mission Directorate, says, "You just can't bring all the air with you."…
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  • SpaceX signs 20-year lease for the Apollo 11 launch pad

    SpaceX has signed a 20-year lease with NASA to operate a launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. On Monday, the space agency announced that it had reached an agreement that would see SpaceX take over maintenance and operation of Launch Complex 39A, a site that saw the first and last…

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  • NASA May Have Captured the Miracle of a Moon's Birth

    Researchers suspect that a photo taken by NASA's Cassini spacecraft may show the "birth" of a brand new moon of Saturn, which could also be the last-ever moon of Saturn.  NASA reported that images taken last year show "disturbances at the very edge of Saturn's A ring — the outermost of the planet's…

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    MODERN SCIENCE THEATER: NASA is splitting up identical twins. One is going into outer space for a year, and the other is staying home. The idea's to study the impact of long-term space flight on the human body.