August 17: National Thrift Shop Day, the Meaning of “IS” Day, Hug Your Boss Day, National Vanilla Custard Day

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National Thrift Shop Day

Today is sure to grab the attention of antique lovers, bargain hunters, environmentalists, penny-pinchers … and the list goes on. It's "National Thrift Shop Day!" Thrift shops are a great way to stretch your budget on everything from clothes to home décor. And reusing or upcycling items is key to living a more sustainable lifestyle.

If shopping thrift stores is new to you, take a few minutes to check out these tips on Yahoo! Shine:

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The Meaning of "IS" Day

Now here's a holiday we can all wrap our brains around (and around, and around). It's "The Meaning of 'IS' Day." "Is" is the seventh most commonly used word in the English language, yet it is almost impossible to define. Go ahead … give it a try.

And as if "is" doesn't get enough usage as an everyday word, here are some other common uses for "IS":

* "Is" is a nickname for "Isabel."

* "is" is the url suffix for Iceland.

* "IS" is the commonly used abbreviation for "Information Systems."

Hug Your Boss Day

The third Friday of August is "Hug Your Boss Day." But before you start celebrating too enthusiastically, you might want to check out your company policy regarding touching coworkers in the workplace! Harassment issues aside, who deserves a nice warm hug more than your boss? (There may have even been times you wanted to hug them to death!)

If you're just not the touchy-feely type, I'm sure a nice smile and knowing glance will suffice. It's a shame though, because you're missing out on the opportunity to set one of these hugging world records:

* Longest hug - Ron O'Neil and Theresa Kerr - 24 hours and 33 minutes

* Largest group hug - 10,554 people - Ontario, Canada on May 7, 2010

* Most hugs given by an individual in 24 hours - Jonathan Sexton - 8,709

National Vanilla Custard Day

The incredible, edible egg … and what it's able to achieve with a little help from milk and sugar is the stuff legends are made of. At least dessert legends like flan and crème brulee. Today is "National Vanilla Custard Day!" Some of my fondest memories of childhood are associated with my mom's homemade banana pudding, which was made from a foundation of sweet, creamy vanilla custard.

You can celebrate this special day by making your favorite vanilla custard recipe. Don't have one? Try one of these from Yahoo! Shine:

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