August 22: Tooth Fairy Day, National Pecan Torte Day, Be an Angel Day, Eat a Peach Day

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Tooth Fairy Day

Anyone who has ever had children recognizes the importance of the Tooth Fairy. My kids had a special pillow handcrafted by their grandmother that they shared on each momentous Tooth Fairy Eve. I can even remember my own joy of waking to a quarter (yes, I'm old), which for some reason, seemed more than adequate for the loss of a vital body part.

August 22 Is "Tooth Fairy Day," and even if you don't have little owns to share the excitement, you might still enjoy this fairy trivia:

* The smaller the fairy, the more beautiful they are.

* Keeping a nail or knife in your pocket will prevent fairies from being able to take you at night.

* Fairies are attracted to laughter and love shiny stones.

National Pecan Torte Day

Yum! Today is "National Pecan Torte Day." If you're not familiar with the anatomy of this decadent dessert, it is a multilayered cake embellished between the layers with frosting, jams or other sweet and spreadable fillings.

Tortes originated in Hungary and were called Dobosh tortes. They soon became popular throughout Europe, and eventually made their way to America. Why not celebrate by preparing your cake pans to bake your own delicious version? Or try this great filler from Yahoo! Shine:

Cherry-Pecan Spread

Be an Angel Day

Jayne Howard Feldman created "Be an Angel Day" to encourage people throughout the world to be kind to one another through their actions. It's a day to do random acts of kindness for your neighbors, family, friends, or even people you don't know.

Why not celebrate by accepting the challenge and showing kindness to a homeless person, donating to an animal shelter or cooking dinner for an elderly neighbor? Then after your good deeds, come home and revel in your goodness by watching "Pat It Forward," starring Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment. You can check it out on Yahoo! Movies.

Eat a Peach Day

One of my favorite things about summer is being able to enjoy fresh, ripe peaches straight from the tree. In addition to their phenomenal taste, peaches are also a very healthy and nutritious snack. They contain zero fat, cholesterol or sodium, three grams of dietary fiber and two grams of protein!

Today is "Eat a Peach Day," and if your mouth isn't watering yet, it will be after you check out these great recipes for peaches on Yahoo! Shine.

15 juicy peach recipes

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