August 7: Sea Serpent Day, National Lighthouse Day, Purple Heart Day, National Night Out Day

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Sea Serpent Day

August 7 is "Sea Serpent Day!" Scientists believe that what most people who report seeing a sea serpent are really seeing is the giant oarfish, which can reach a length of 55 feet. It is the largest bony fish known to occupy the oceans, and was spotted and filmed in the Gulf of Mexico at a depth of 1,500 feet.

Why not celebrate Sea Serpent Day by watching one of these classic sea monster thrillers found on Yahoo! Movies?

Deep Rising

The Abyss

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

National Lighthouse Day

According to the American Lighthouse Foundation, "It was on this day in 1789, that Congress approved an Act for the establishment and support of lighthouse, beacons, buoys and public piers." Congress also passed a resolution designating Aug. 7, 1989, as National Lighthouse Day.

Throughout history lighthouses have not only played an important role in the safety of sea going vessels, but they have served as inspiration for hundreds of artists and collectors alike. Here are some interesting lighthouse facts you may not have known:

* The tallest lighthouse in the United States is located in Cape Hatteras, N.C. It is 191 feet tall.

* The oldest working lighthouse in the U.S. is located at Sandy Hook Bay, N.J. It was built in 1764.

* The first U.S. lighthouse on the west coast was at Alcatraz. It was constructed in 1854.

Purple Heart Day

Our modern-day Order of the Purple Heart was put into service on George Washington's 200th birthday, Feb. 22, 1932. This elite honor is awarded to members of the U.S. Armed Forces who have been killed or wounded in action against an enemy. The predecessor of the Purple Heart was called the "Badge for Military Merit," and consisted of a purple, heart-shaped piece of silk. It was created by George Washington on Aug. 7, 1782, and was awarded to only three soldiers during the Revolutionary War.

We celebrate "Purple Heart Day" on Aug. 7 to commemorate the origin of the first Purple Heart. Did you know

* 200,700 Purple Hearts were awarded during the Vietnam Era.

* Eligibility requirements for the Purple Heart have been amended to include those who were victims of international terrorist attacks or part of a peacekeeping force.

National Night Out Day

This peace-inspired holiday was created by the National Association of Town Watch and is celebrated on the first Tuesday of August each year. It is a day for all members and organizations within a community to gather and work cooperatively to increase awareness for crime and drug use prevention.

Community members are encouraged to keep their porch lights on in the evening, and many also celebrate with block parties, cookouts and parades. To register your event or get more information on the organization, you can visit the National Night Out website.

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