Some in Austin Want to Secede from Texas

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The nationwide secession movement, which has featured petitions to the White House "We the People" site has taken a strange twist with a petition being offered by some in Austin, requesting permission to secede from Texas.

Petitioners in Austin want nothing to do with a Republic of Texas

The petition, which of this writing contains more than 4,800 signatures, suggests that Austinites are not being accorded their "civil, religious, and political freedoms." The petitioners therefore ask that Austin be given permission to secede from Texas and remain in the Union should the petitioners requesting that Texas secede from the Union succeed. The petitioners would also like to annex Dublin, Lockhart and Shiner, Texas, to be part of their presumably new state.

Austin a liberal bastion in Texas, but not the most liberal in America

No less prominent a figure than former House Majority Leader Tom Delay once described Travis County, in which Austin, the capital of Texas, resides as, "the most liberal county in the state of Texas, and indeed in the United States." This might explain the desire of some in Austin not to leave the Union. The Austin-American Statesman's Politifact Texas, while noting that Travis County is certainly liberal by Texas standards, disputed the notion that it is the most liberal place in the United States. The story quotes a Daily Caller story that notes that San Francisco County, Calif. is the most liberal county in the United States. Travis County is designated as the 57th most liberal county in the United States.

Keep Austin Weird

The unofficial slogan for Austin is "Keep Austin Weird," which is celebrated by a website by the same name. The Smithsonian Magazine notes that "hipsters of all stripes" make their way to Austin. The capital of Texas, besides being a center of liberal politics, is also a center of fine eating, especially of TexMex, as well as of music, especially but not excluded to progressive country in the style of Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings. It is described as a place where parents watch their children play while "nursing bottles of Lone Star beer, comparing preschools and body piercings."

Austin in south central Texas

One impediment to Austin becoming a state of the Union carved out from a Republic of Texas is that it does not border any other state, being in south central Texas, according to It would become, in effect, a kind of latter day West Berlin, albeit instead of a bastion of freedom inside a sea of Communism, a bastion of liberalism in a sea of Texas-style conservatism.

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