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  • Dick Cheney on his heart pump and Obama's record

    With a new heart, Dick Cheney is back.

    In an exclusive interview with ABC News' Jonathan Karl, Cheney reflects on the "miracle" that a heart transplant promises to give him years of added life. And Cheney shows he is as confrontational as ever, taking on President Obama -- and even Sarah Palin.

    Cheney, 71, details how far back he has come. He remembers waking from weeks of heavy sedation after having a pump installed in his heart in 2010, a grueling operation that left him seeing his own mortality in the mirror.

    "Two years ago this time I was on a respirator, heavily sedated. Just had a pump... installed on my heart because my heart had gotten so weak after six heart attacks and 30-some years of heart disease that it was, you know, it was at the end," he said.

    "I lost 40 pounds. I was heavily sedated in the intensive care unit for weeks afterwards. I had pneumonia while I was in recovering from the surgery. And by the time I came out from under I looked in a mirror and what I

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  • President George H.W. Bush on life and lasting friendships

    On his 88th birthday, former President George H.W. Bush, is looking back on his life, relishing in the love of family and friends.

    "I've been very blessed, when you look around, compared to ... others," the 41st President of the United States told ABC's "World News" anchor Diane Sawyer. "But you must feel responsibility to others. You must believe in serving others. I think that's a fundamental tenet of my life."

    Bush's life story was the topic of a documentary titled "41," which premiered Thursday on HBO. The film is produced by Jerry Weintraub, who has been friends with Bush for decades.

    "I don't know if it's been extraordinary for the president, but it's been extraordinary for me. He gave me a life and showed me things over the past 40-some years that never in a hundred million years would I have seen or been privileged to experience," Weintraub said sitting next to the former president at Bush's home in Kennebunkport, Maine.

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  • Facebook's new life-saving tool that helps people become organ donors evolved in part out of a note the company's COO Sheryl Sandberg read on her college reunion newsletter.

    Sandberg, a Harvard grad, told ABC's "World News" anchor Diane Sawyer that her fellow alumni write "passages about their lives" ahead of reunions and she read one written several year ago by Dr. Andrew Cameron for the class' 15th reunion.

    Cameron is the head of liver transplants at Johns Hopkins Hospital. "He wrote about the patients who die waiting for organs and talking to their families about, 'We're so sorry. We don't have an organ to save your husband, your father, your daughter, your son,'" Sandberg told Sawyer.

    "This was hugely meaningful for me," she said.

    It would take another five years before Sandberg would be in the position to take action.

    "At our 20th reunion, Sheryl was now COO at Facebook, and with this really powerful communication tool in hand, we crossed paths again," Cameron told

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  • Facebook to Help Find Organ Donors

    ABC News' Robin Roberts talks to Mark Zuckerberg about the site's new tool.

    Conversations over the dinner table with his med-student girlfriend helped Mark Zuckerberg formulate his latest big idea -- harnessing the power of Facebook to help eliminate the critical shortage of organs for patients desperately in need of life-saving transplants.

    And it was his friendship with Apple founder Steve Jobs, whose life was extended by years following a liver transplant, in part, that spurred the 27-year-old Facebook founder and CEO to help put that idea into practice.

    "Facebook is really about communicating and telling stories... We think that people can really help spread awareness of organ donation and that they want to participate in this to their friends. And that can be a big part of helping solve the crisis that's out there," Zuckerberg told ABC's Robin Roberts in an exclusive interview at the company's headquarters.

    Starting today, users in the United

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    What if you could remember every single day of your life and have it available for instant recall?

    Everything from childhood birthday parties, Christmases, your first day of school, and your last. What were you doing that day? Who were you with? What day of the week was it? What did you have for lunch?

    Actress Marilu Henner says she can remember it all. And you probably remember her as Elaine Nardo from the hit TV show "Taxi."

    She can recall off, the top of her head, the exact day she got the part.

    "It was June 4 of 1978. It was a Sunday and I found out at the 'Grease' premiere party," Henner said. "'Taxi' is so vivid to my mind. The very first rehearsal was July the 5 th of 1978. That was a Wednesday and our first show was shot the 14 th, a Friday."

    The actress, who has also starred in "L.A. Story" (1991) and "Man on the Moon" (1999), is one of only 12 people in the world diagnosed with hyperthymesia, also known as Highly Superior

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  • Andrew Breitbart Died of Heart Failure: Coroner

    Conservative blogger and commentator Andrew Breitbart died of heart failure stemming from coronary artery disease,  Los Angeles County coroner's office officials said.

    The 43-year-old collapsed as he was walking his dog near his Brentwood home and died on March 1.

    Breitbart had a negligible amount of alcohol in his system, but no prescription or illicit drugs were found, said Craig Harvey, spokesperson for the coroner's office.

    Harvey said foul play was not suspected and the case has been closed.

    A conservative blogger and journalist, Breitbart helped launch the Huffington Post and was an editor at the Drudge Report.

    He also founded his own news network, acting as the publisher of several news websites including,, Big Hollywood, Big Government, Big Journalism and Big Peace.

    Big Government broke an alleged ACORN scandal and also, in 2011, the "Weinergate" photo scandal that led to the resignation of New York Rep. Anthony Weiner.

    Breitbert was known for

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  • What Your Dog Says About Your Personality

    They can't talk, but dogs say a lot about their owners' personalities, a new study has found.

    "People tend to report that their dog's personality is quite similar to their own, but we wanted to see if these stereotypes actually stand up to scrutiny," said study author Lance Workman, a psychologist at Bath Spa University in the U.K.

    Using an online survey, Workman and colleagues probed the personalities of 1,000 dog owners and found some surprising trends.

    "Among the owners of seven breed groups, there were differences in personality," said Workman, who is presenting the study today at the British Psychological Society annual conference in London.

    Read on to see what your canine companion says about you.

    Sporting Dogs

    People who owned sporting dogs, like Labrador retrievers and cocker spaniels, appeared more agreeable and conscientious in the survey.

    "I used to have a cocker spaniel," said Workman. "I'd like to think that's me to a tee."


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  • By Russell Goldman and Emily Friedman Acting very much like the Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney sent a curt message to President Barack Obama today:  "Start packing."

    The message, delivered with a chuckle, came in an exclusive interview with "World News" anchor  Diane Sawyer who asked the presumptive GOP nominee if he had something to say to the president.

    Romney said Obama's "policies have not helped the American people.  They have not helped get jobs, they have not helped raise incomes and they've added trillions of dollars of debt."

    He was backed by his wife of 43 years, Ann Romney, who told Sawyer she also had a message for Obama. "I believe it's... Mitt's time... It's our turn now," she said.

    See the exclusive interview tonight at 6:30 p.m. ET on "World News With Diane Sawyer" and 11:35 p.m. ET on "Nightline."

    Last week, the Romney campaign was able to flip the Democrats' so-called "war on women" strategy by highlighting a Democratic strategist's attacks on Ann Romney Read More »from Romney tells Obama to 'start packing' in interview with Diane Sawyer
  • 'God's Quarterback' Tebowing on Easter

    New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow took to the pulpit this morning in Georgetown, Texas,  on the holiest day of the Christian calendar to share his personal story of faith. In an interview during the service that lasted for about 20 minutes, he explained how he believes God deserves all the glory.

    Pastor Joe Champion at Celebration Church says he received an "out of the blue" phone call from Tebow, asking if he could come to Georgetown and speak on Easter Sunday.

    Champion said yes.

    The church rented more than 100 buses to drive people to the service, and people arrived hours early to save a seat near the front.

    About 15,000 people attended the outdoor service.

    "Obviously, it's our Super Bowl. Easter is the resurrection of Christ in which we celebrate in our faith,"  Champion said.

    Champion said that despite his famous guest today, the message is still that God is great.

    "There will be a sacredness of Easter. It's not a Tim Tebow show; it's not about a celebrity," Champion

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  • Donald Trump's sons are facing more scrutiny for their African hunting expedition that recently came to light.

    The trip is currently the subject of an investigation led by conservationists in Zimbabwe.

    Donald Trump Jr., who stars on " The Celebrity Apprentice" alongside his dad, and his brother Eric sparked outrage among animal lovers on Twitter earlier this month after photos surfaced of the two posing with animals they killed during a 2011 safari trip in Africa. Trump Jr. later defended their actions in part by tweeting, "I'm a hunter, for that I make no apologies."

    Donald Trump Jr. on safari ( via Flickr)

    Trump Jr. may be a hunter, but reports the independent Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force says the South African safari company the sons used was not registered in Zimbabwe.

    The task force says Trump Jr. and his brother killed an elephant, a buffalo and a crocodile, among other animals. In one of the leaked

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