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  • ABC News' Paula Faris reports:

    Among the latest must-have accessories for students across the country heading back to college is one that might surprise you.

    It's not books or bedding. It's breast or, namely, plastic surgery to achieve a different look.

    "I'm turning into this woman," Kaelyn O'Rourke, 24, told " Good Morning America." "I feel older. I just want to look older."

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    (Courtesy: Dr. Tenley Lawton)O'Rourke is a nursing student at Bakersfield College in California. As a teenager, her chest was the smallest of her friends. As a young adult, she viewed the top half of her body as being out of sync with her bottom half.

    "I totally thought my boobs were going to grow and they never did," said the community college student, whose pre-surgery chest was a size 34B. "I just want a fuller chest because I'm a girl with hips."

    WATCH: Identical Twins Undergo Plastic Surgery Together

    O'Rourke turned to Dr. Tenley Lawton, an Orange County, Calif.,

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  • Teen's Harrowing Journey Into Storm Drain

    ABC News' Alex Perez reports:

    A 14-year-old boy from Ohio says he is lucky to be alive after he was swallowed up by a sewer drain pipe and carried 1,500 feet by rising waters.

    Jeff LaPorta suffered scrapes and bruises on his legs and received six stitches in his arm, but that only tells a part of his harrowing tale.

    LaPorta was enjoying the last days of summer like any other kid, riding his bike with a friend in Parma, Ohio, on Tuesday during a heavy rain storm. LaPorta was riding through a parking lot when Mother Nature pulled a trick on him.

    "There were big puddles and I was splashing through them and stuff having fun," LaPorta recalled.

    What LaPorta thought was a shallow puddle was actually a deep creek swollen with rain water. Within seconds, LaPorta fell into the creek and was carried away into a drain pipe.

    "It was dark, it was scary, it was nasty," said LaPorta. "It was like somebody is putting you in a big whirlpool and spinning you around and getting your

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  • Joe Zee's Fashion Faves: Five Must-Haves for Fall

    Joe Zee is the creative director of ELLE magazine, and star of "All on the Line with Joe Zee" on the Sundance Channel.

    On that show, now it its third season, Zee comes to the rescue of fashion labels that are at the brink of failure, and helps their struggling designers to get back on track and turn things around.

    Zee appeared on "Good Morning America" today with Prajje, one of the designers he has helped.

    But Zee isn't just about helping designers. He's got some tips for you as well.

    Below are Zee's five recommendations for items that must be in your wardrobe this fall.

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    Joe Zee's Five Fall Fashion Must-Haves

    1) A statement coat. If it's your one investment piece, it should definitely be a coat, one that you can throw on every day and change your look.

    2) A great pants suit. Zee has seen a lot of different versions. And you can break it up - wear the jacket with jeans, or the pants with different tops.

    3) A peplum

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  • Isla Fisher on Mom's Real-Life Bachelorette Bash

    Isla Fisher and her "Bachelorette" co-stars Kirsten Dunst and Lizzy Caplan stopped by " Good Morning America" today to discuss their raunchy new comedy film, but it was a personal story from Fisher, not a clip from the movie, that shocked everyone.

    "I took [my mom] to a strip club, which is weird because 50-year-old women and naked men don't tend to go hand in hand. I thought it would be fun. And it was fun initially. I dressed her in a red dog's collar," Fisher said.

    The actress went to the bathroom and when she came back things were a bit … out of control.

    Watch the clip starting 1:51 minutes in to hear the rest of the story, but fair warning, don't watch it with your mom.

    "Bachelorette," about three bridesmaids trying to pull their personal lives together enough to throw a bachelorette party for a high school friend they never thought would get married, debuts in theaters this Friday

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  • 2012 CMA Awards Nominations Announced Live on 'GMA'

    Country music took over Times Square this morning when two of country music's hottest performers, Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean, appeared live on "Good Morning America" to reveal the nominees for the 46th Annual CMA Awards.

    Bryan and Aldean announced the final nominees in five CMA Awards categories on "GMA" before heading to the B.B. King Blues Club & Grill to reveal the finalists in the remaining seven categories.  The announcements mark the first time all of the nominees have been announced in New York City since 2005.

    PHOTOS: CMA Awards Nominations 2012

    Now that we know the nominees, who will take home the prize?  The 46th Annual CMA Awards, hosted by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood, will air Thursday, Nov.  1, at 8 p.m./ET on ABC.

    Read below to see whether your favorite country star got a nod.


    Kelly Clarkson

    Miranda Lambert

    Martina McBride

    Taylor Swift

    Carrie Underwood


    Jason Aldean

    Luke Bryan

    Eric Church


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  • First-Day-of-School Photos Get an Extreme Makeover



    ABC News' Mary Pflum reports:


    Like scores of mothers across the country, Brenda Ponnay is busy getting ready for the start of another school year.

    The Irvine, Calif., mom has lunches to pack, forms to fill out and also a first-day-of-school photo shoot to prepare for.

    PHOTOS: Parents Go All Out for First-Day-of-School Photos

    "I'm always surprised at how much it makes a difference preparing a photo like this," Ponnay told "Good Morning America" of her 6-year-old daughter, Helena's, first-day photo shoot.

    undefinedundefined"It seems silly at the time, or even forced," she said. "But I'll look back and think, 'Oh, I'll remember it.' But, of course, it's amazing how much you forget."

    Ponnay is one of a growing number of moms for whom the first-day-of-school photo is no longer just an afterthought but, instead, a carefully choreographed photo op, one often filled with props like homemade signs crafted to coordinate with first-day-of-school fashion.

    "I wish I had photos like this when I was growing

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  • Eye Creams Decoded: What to Know Before You Buy

    ABC News' Elisabeth Leamy and Vanessa Weber report:

    Walk into any department store or drug store and you'll quickly realize that there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to eye creams. After all, who isn't looking to turn back the clock? Just last year alone, Americans spent $2.3 billion on anti-aging skin care products.  So we decided it was time to whittle down the choices - at least in the eye cream arena.

    We assembled the "GMA" Eye Cream Dream Team made up of ten top dermatologists from around the country to come up with a list of the best products for the most common problems.

    If You're Looking to Fight Wrinkles ...
    There's only one word you need to know: Retinol. Retinol increases collagen and elasticity, and decreases fine lines. "If there was one ingredient that I would have to have on a desert island, it would be Retinol. It's the most important single ingredient for the skin," said Dr. Jeannette Graf.

    If You're Looking to Fight Dark Circles ...

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  • Bear Epidemic Expected to Worsen in the West

    By Matthew Rosenbaum and Clayton Sandell

    Across the West, communities are in the midst of a black bear epidemic this summer as the hungry critters venture into backyards and neighborhoods in a search for food.

    Cities like Vail, Colo., have received more than 50 calls about problem bears in August alone. Bear calls are also skyrocketing in places like Aspen. Police there recorded 292 calls about bears in August, compared to only 38 last year, according to the Aspen Times.

    The bear encounters has largely been fueled by a search for food, something bears will need a lot more of as they bulk up for winter hibernation. In other words, the problem is about to get worse.

    "They're looking at trying to consume 20,000 calories a day. They will spend 20 of 24 hours a day looking for food," said Randy Hampton with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department.

    It's bad news for people like Melissa Carroll of Eagle, Colo. She's endured five separate bear invasions in her home

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  • A massive shark washed up on a New England beach this weekend, prompting officials to close down two nearby beaches.

    The Great White weighing about 1,600 pounds was discovered on the border of Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

    When fisherman Gary Severa first spotted the 13-foot predator Saturday morning, he thought it was driftwood but after getting a closer look there was no mistaking what he found.

    "It was pretty scary standing next to that thing…it made your adrenaline go cause he's stone dead, but my God, it has jaws written all over it," Severa said.

    Officials are not sure why this great white died or how it ended up here. Taking no chances, they closed the two nearby beaches - South Shore Beach and Goosewing Beach- for swimmers.

    Officials closed nearly 10 miles of Cape Cod beaches because it was "not safe to go back in the water," after that stretch of Massachusetts sand was the scene of a feeding frenzy caught on tape last month.

    Summer of the Shark

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  • Air Show Disaster in Iowa Caught on Tape

    A pilot was killed at an air show this weekend in Iowa after his Soviet Cold War era jet crashed into a nearby field.

    Three jets in tight formation rumbled over the crowd at the Quad-City Air Show in Davenport, Iowa Saturday when one of the pilots appeared to lose control of his plane.

    A home video captured the pilots going into a complicated maneuver, switching places mid-air and "passing within inches of each other" before a dive straight down.

    "He went down into the ground and he burst into flames… I was instantly in tears because I knew more than likely he didn't survive," a witness told ABC news.

    The pilot's name has not been released.

    Assistant Davenport Police Chief Don Schaeffer told the Associated Press that the pilot "never had an opportunity to come out of it."

    The smoking wreckage of the Soviet l-39 jet was found in a nearby alfalfa field.

    Officials said the investigation is ongoing.

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