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  • Pippa Middleton Writes About New-Found Fame

    In Pippa Middleton's new book, "Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends," the royal maid of honor and sister of Kate opens up about her new-found fame.

    "It's a bit startling to achieve global recognition (if that's the right word) before the age of thirty, on account of your sister, your brother-in-law and your bottom," Middleton writes. "I'm a typical girl in her twenties trying to forge a career and represent herself in what can sometimes seem rather strange circumstances."

    Pippa Middleton: Party-Planning Book Sneak Peek

    Middleton, 29, adds, "It feels even stranger to me than it probably does to you to have seen so much written about me when I have done so little to paint a picture of myself. This is my first chance to do that."

    The book, out Oct. 31, offers a year of successful party-planning tips and recipes. Middleton is the editor of The Party Times, an online party magazine and has worked for the family's event company, Party

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  • Halle Berry on Challenges of Life in a 'Fishbowl'

    Does Halle Berry have it made? In many ways, the co-star of the upcoming movie "Cloud Atlas" clearly does, but the Academy Award-winning movie star said living her life in a "fishbowl" of constant attention sometimes was "hard to bear."

    Berry was speaking in an interview with Cameron Mathison that aired today on "Good Morning America." Mathison asked Berry about how her life was going these days, asking her whether she "had it made."

    Berry replied: "Well, it depends what having it made means. You know, do I have an amazing daughter that I'm wildly proud of who's the love of my life? Then, okay, then, I have it made. A career that I love? Then, okay, I have it made. Um, amazing friends and family? Then, okay, I have it made. There's certain things about my life that do make me feel like I have it made," she replied.

    Mathison followed up by asking Berry about the ways in which she didn't have it made.

    "You know, like everybody else, I've got the challenges of, you know,

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  • Brad Pitt Chanel Ad Makes Little Scents

    Brad Pitt has joined the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Keira Knightley and Nicole Kidman by becoming a spokesman for Chanel.

    Pitt, 48, is appearing in both commercial and print ads for the perfume Chanel No. 5. Pitt is the first male spokesperson in the company's long history and probably the most talked about.

    "It's not a journey. Every journey ends but we go on," Pitt says in the black and white commercial. "The world turns and we turn with it. Plans disappear. Dreams take over. But wherever I go, there you are. My luck, my fate, my fortune."

    The ad has gone viral with more than 4 million views on YouTube, with many people wondering what exactly is Pitt talking about.

    With no clear answer to what the "Moneyball" star is saying, many are spoofing the ad and having a lot of fun with it.

    "Saturday Night Live" rolled out a series of digital shorts this weekend with cast member Taran Killam impersonating Pitt with a blond wig and scruffy facial hair.

    "And the dreams wake up and

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  • The woman accused of stalking "30 Rock" actor Alec Baldwin has said her reputation has been destroyed and she can't access information that could clear her.

    Genevieve Sabourin, 40, of Canada, said the allegations against her stem from a "misunderstanding" and that she hasn't been able to retrieve Facebook correspondence with the actor to prove her claims, AFP has reported.

    "When I saw that he had begun seeing someone else, I decided to cancel our friendship on Facebook, and because of that I lost the entire content of our conversations," she also told AFP.(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

    Characterizing media reports about an alleged love triangle, Sabourin said she has been "stoned in the public square." She also said she feared a jury of New Yorkers would be biased against her.

    The actress has also been talking to other media. She told Huffington Post Quebec that her reputation was "destroyed" and her "self-esteem eroded."

    WATCH: How Baldwin And Alleged Stalker Met

    The actress

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  • Autistic Girl, Jodi DiPiazza, Performs with Katy Perry

    Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

    Jodi DiPiazza is 11 and has autism, but she wowed the audience at Comedy Central's "Night of Too Many Stars."

    Jon Stewart's bi-annual event to raise money for autism always features a long list of the biggest names around, but the breakout star on Saturday night was little Jodi, who got to perform the hit song "Firework" alongside one of her favorite singers, Katy Perry.

    "Hello everybody, I'm going to play 'Firework' by one of my favorite singers, Katy Perry," Jodi proudly said on stage.

    Immediately after the performance, Jodi embraced Perry in a big hug as the audience was brought to their feet for a standing ovation.

    Jodi was diagnosed with autism shortly before her second birthday.

    "What they told us was there's no cure for it. It's a life-long disability and don't expect too much," Tom DiPiazza, her father, told Comedy Central.

    But with the help of an intensive education program, Jodi was able to get specialized attention.

    "We are extremely lucky to

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  • Arcade Claw Games Rigged?

    If you've always been the unlucky person who walked away from the arcade empty-handed, take comfort.

    The claw game, the popular arcade staple that sucks up your quarters as you attempt to maneuver the hanging claw to grab a stuffed animal or toy, has nothing to do with skill but is all about luck and who's operating it, arcade operators say.

    As it turns out, the operators of the machines determine how much they should pay out.

    In a conversation on Reddit, a user identifying himself as an arcade owner in central California laid it all out after being asked point-blank whether the machines were rigged.

    "Yes :) Indeed they are!," wrote the user, TheDJTec.

    He went on to explain that the machines have a Command Module Setting (CMS) that allows the owner to manipulate the machine.

    "Most claws are 5-8 PSI requiring 10-13 to grab an item. Note, the setting module for the PSI is usually manual, there are springs on the claw that have little red marks. The module will tell you

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  • Pregnant Mom Kicked Off Bus Over Baby's Dirty Diaper

    A pregnant Seattle woman who was kicked off a city bus when her baby's dirty diaper was deemed to be a disturbance to other passengers has rejected an apology and may sue.

    "You don't just come out of nowhere and kick a mom off a bus with a sick child," Nichole Hakimian told local ABC affiliate KOMO.

    Hakimian says the problem she ran into this week as she took her sick 1-year-old son to the doctor took the stress of traveling with a baby to a whole new level.

    "He had just pooped in his diaper as soon as I got on [the bus]," she told ABC News.

    "Right after that, the bus driver told me to get off the bus," Hakimian said.  "I said, 'why is that?' She said, 'your baby … smells really bad. And it's not fair that we all have to smell that.'"

    The 4-month pregnant mom then exited to the bus, she says, still a mile and a half away from her baby's doctor.

    Seattle Metro opened an investigation into the incident and said the driver in question is a 9-year veteran employee with an

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  • Thieves Across US Stealing SUV Seats

    ABC News' Daisha Riley:

    Thieves across the country are in many cases not targeting expensive SUVs parked in driveways and parking lots, but are instead stealing the third row of seats from the vehicles for up to $1000 profit.

    Ivan Barahona, an SUV owner, parked his vehicle in his Dallas driveway, and made sure nothing valuable was inside and locked it up. But a trio still broke into the back, and within seconds, removed part of the seats. Within 40 seconds, the entire back row in the vehicle was gone.

    "It feels really bad because people work really hard for what they have," Barahona said.

    Police say so-called "third seat theft" is on the rise, particularly in Texas and California.

    Replacement seats are in demand by SUV owners whose row of seats has been damaged or worn out. Detectives say the crooks can get about $1,000 for the seats on sites like Craigslist or in a salvage yard - a sizable payoff for 40 seconds of work.

    Police often recover the stolen seats but

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  • Ryan Bingham on Inspiration for 'Tomorrowland' Album

    With one song, Ryan Bingham's life changed completely. "The Weary Kind," from the Jeff Bridges' 2009 movie " Crazy Heart," won Bingham an Oscar, a Grammy, and a Golden Globe.

    "At the beginning, it was so surreal," Bingham, 31, said on "Good Morning America." "When I first found out, I remember me and my wife laughed hysterically for a few hours because we couldn't really believe that that was happening to somebody like me."

    "It's definitely created a lot of opportunities for me," said Bingham, who was named the Americana Music Association's 2010 Artist of the Year.

    Image credit: Anthony Pidgeon/Getty ImagesBingham's new album, "Tomorrowland," is his follow-up to that "surreal" success. The singer/songwriter released the album on his own label, Axter Bingham Records, and expands his sound beyond country. The songs feature his same raspy vocals, but Bingham takes the guitar lead and infuses elements of rock and roll and punk rock.

    When it came to songwriting for this album, Bingham stayed true to himself and drew

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  • Jolie Pens 'We All Are Malala' Column

    (AP Photo/Karim Kadim)Actress and human rights activist Angelina Jolie was touched by the story of 14-year-old Pakistani education activist Malala Yousafzai, who was shot in the head and neck by the Taliban. The actress has penned a column for The Daily Beast in which she details discussing the situation with her kids.

    "Malala's story stayed with them throughout the day, and that night they were full of questions," writes Jolie. "We learned about Malala together, watching her interviews and reading her diaries. … Our 8-year-old suggested that the world build a statue for Malala, and fittingly create a reading nook near it. Our 6-year-old asked the practical question of whether Malala had any pets, and if so, who would take care of them? She also asked about Malala's parents and if they were crying."

    "Malala is proof that it only takes the voice of one brave person to inspire countless men, women, and children," Jolie, a 37-year-old mother of six. writes.

    Yousafzai was targeted by

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