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  • Cicadas Are Back, Newt Gingrich “Likes,” Royal Honeymoon

    Have you heard the buzz about cicadas? Well millions are making noise in the southeastern US. The brood, or swarm of millions of cicadas, is emerging after 13 years underground. They'll be around for about 6 weeks. Why the visit?  Believe it or not, they are looking for love. The harmless pests come out from hiding to mate, lay eggs, and then die. They are making their presence heard.  Male cicadas attract their lady friends by making loud noises that top 100 decibels. But don't worry, once they're gone it will be a while before they return. Cicadas emerge in 13 and 17 year cycles that occasionally overlap, which happened in 1998.  The next double whammy will be in 2219.

    In the months ahead of the 2012 presidential election, Republican party contenders see social media as a major campaign platform. Newt Gingrich announced his presidential run on Twitter and Facebook. The former Speaker of the House has a large social media fan base. He has more than 1.3 million followers on Twitter

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  • Now you see her, now you don't!  An Orthodox Hasidic newspaper called Der Tzitung photoshopped Secretary of State Hillary Clinton out of the famous situation room photo snapped during the raid on Osama Bin Laden's compound.  Clinton appears in the real photo with her hand covering her mouth, but is completely edited out in the newspaper's version of the image.  While the paper has no official comment, it is believed that the publication  does not print images of women as they could be considered sexually suggestive.

    Arizona's fight against illegal immigration is back in the headlines today.  The state is planning to build a fence along the Mexican border that's going to be funded by online donations, not state or federal money.  Given Arizona's state budget crisis, Governor Jan Brewer recently signed a bill to launch a website aimed at raising money to help pay for the state's legal defense of the controversial SB1070 illegal immigration law.

    Never thought time travel was

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