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  • Sandy Hits NY Subway System Hard

    Alyssa Newcomb at ABC News Blogs2 yrs ago

    "The New York City subway system…has never faced a disaster as devastating as what we experienced last night," MTA Chairman Joe Lhota said in a statement. "Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on our entire transportation system, in every borough and county of the region."

    In addition to flooding in a handful of tunnels and bus garages, Lhota said a portion of the Hudson line on the Metro-North Railroad had lost power.

    "We are assessing the extent of the damage and beginning the process of recovery," he said. A time frame for when one of the world's largest public transportation networks would be back up and running was not yet available.

    Hurricane Sandy: Full Coverage

    The subway system, which averaged 5.2 million weekly riders last year, was preemptively shut down Sunday evening.

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he hoped the closure would keep New York-area residents from being "up and about."

    "[Trains are] not intended to be submerged," he said. "And we want people to stay at home."

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  • Hurricane Sandy: Waiting, Fake Pictures, First Glimpses

    Alyssa Newcomb at ABC News Blogs2 yrs ago

    Hurricane Sandy is a massive, deadly storm that has already taken dozens of lives in the Caribbean. But northeasterners tucked away in their homes waiting for the storm to hit have been lighting up Twitter and Facebook with everything from Sandy humor and fake images to their first real glimpses of the storm.

    Hurricane Sandy: Full Coverage

    The "frankenstorm" has been mentioned on Twitter more than 4.2 million times in the past 24 hours and that number is expected to rise dramatically throughout the day.

    Streets began to flood in Atlantic City, where Sandy is expected to make first landfall tonight.

    Fake images, such as this one showing an ominous New York City skyline have been making the rounds online, leading to some confusion.

    One of the most shared tweets came from Lindsay Lohan, who questioned all of the Sandy hoopla.

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  • 'I Hate Teen Moms' Facebook Page Under Fire

    Alyssa Newcomb at ABC News Blogs2 yrs ago

    Teen mothers have taken to a Facebook page called "I Hate Teen Moms" to fight back against comments they are "sluts" and a "burden on society." "I'm not struggling at all because I do my responsibility & I also work hard for it still able to have time for my child more than 8 hours a day. I receive no help at all from anyone," a woman identifying herself as a 17-year-old teen mother wrote.

    The "I Hate Teen Moms" page, which has garnered more than 26,000 "likes," includes rants and name-calling that the administrator insists are simply "satire and dark humor" that is not violating Facebook's terms of service or breaking any laws.

    The social networking site declined to take down the page because it wanted to protect "expression," ABC News' affiliate KOMO-TV in Seattle reported.

    "This page is against children having children. That is the main point of this page," the administrator wrote.

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  • 'Mystery Monkey' Captured in Florida

    Alyssa Newcomb at ABC News Blogs2 yrs ago

    Officials from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission waited four hours for the wild rhesus macaque to appear in an area where it had been seen in recent days and tranquilized him with a dart, said Baryl Martin, a Fish and Wildlife official who has been on the monkey's trail.

    Martin said the monkey appeared to be "doing all right" and was being evaluated by a veterinarian.

    Earlier this month, the 40-pound monkey jumped on a woman's back at her home and bit her twice, Martin said, underscoring the need to catch the fugitive primate.

    The wild rhesus macaque enjoyed some celebrity during his years of freedom. He was mentioned on "The Colbert Report" and a Facebook page in his honor garnered more than 86,000 likes.

    Once the monkey receives a clean bill of health, Martin said he will likely be sent to a local exotic animal facility until a good home can be found for him.

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