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  • Video: Alligator Nearly Bites Off Scientist's Arm

    A scientist’s arm almost became a snack for an angry alligator caught roaming along a North Carolina highway.

    The unidentified  scientist from Pine Knoll Aquarium was captured on an iPhone video approaching the 250-pound beast during an after-hours call on Tuesday.

    The gator was resting in a ditch when the scientist threw a towel on its head. The scientist then stepped inside of the ditch, placing one leg on each side of the reptile’s body. As he bent down to move the alligator, it bit his arm as he cooly backed away from a situation that could have been far worse.

    A team from the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission arrived two hours later to help relocate the alligator.

    “We had to coax him, get him to move somewhere flat where we could have the advantage. We were able to tie him up, secure his jaw closed. From there, it all went well,” biologist Robbie Norville told ABC News affiliate WCTI.

    The alligator was relocated to a swamp in Carteret County.


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  • Texting While Walking Banned in New Jersey Town

    Texting While Walking Banned in New Jersey Town (ABC News)

    Avid texters beware: Fort Lee, N.J. police said they will begin issuing $85 jaywalking tickets to pedestrians who are caught texting while walking.

    "It's a big distraction. Pedestrians aren't watching where they are going and they are not aware," said Thomas Ripoli, chief of the Fort Lee Police Department.

    Ripoli said the borough, which is home to approximately 35,000 residents, has suffered three fatal pedestrian-involved accidents this year. He hopes his crackdown on people who display dangerous behavior while walking will make his town safer, but not everyone is on board with the idea of issuing $85 tickets.

    "When I walk I still look around. I'm not like constantly looking down the whole time," said resident Sue Choe.

    Another woman complained about the tickets were "a lot of money."

    Officers handed out pamphlets during a short grace period in March before they began aggressively going after "dangerous walkers."

    More than 117 tickets have been issued,

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  • Caleigh Harrison: Missing Girl's Sister, 4, May Hold Clues

    Caleigh Harrison: Missing Girl's Sister, 4, May Hold Clues (ABC News)The 4-year-old sister of missing toddler Caleigh Harrison may hold clues about her disappearance and is slowly remembering more about what happened on April 19 when her sister vanished.

    Lizzie, 4, wasn't talking in the beginning, but her parents said she is now sharing more details of  the day she said her 2-year-old sister was abducted.

    "At first it was the mean guy and then she got into detail about black shorts, he was smoking a cigarette, he had facial hair," Anthony Harrison, the girls' father, told Nancy Grace.

    Lizzie even drew a picture of the man she said took her little sister.

    The toddler disappeared on April 19. Caleigh's mother, Allison Hammond, said she was playing ball with her two daughters on the beach in Rockport, Mass. When Hammond returned from chasing after a ball, Caleigh had vanished.

    "I looked down and Lizzie had her arms outstretched and she said, 'Caleigh is gone.' She didn't say anything more than that," Hammond said.

    State police have searched the

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  • Cheetahs Mauls Woman on 60th Birthday Trip

    The trip of a lifetime to celebrate a Scottish woman's 60th birthday turned brutal when two supposedly tame cheetahs attacked the woman at a game reserve in South Africa.

    Violet D'Mello and her husband Archie were allowed to get up close and pet two brother cheetahs, Mark and Monty, at the Kragga Kamma Game Park in Port Elizabeth last weekend.

    "They seemed to be pretty docile. They said they were hand reared from cubs and were extremely tame and one could you know stroke them and not only that lay on them and they'll do nothing to you," Archie D'Mello said.

    The couple had just taken photos with the animals and were still in the petting area when one of the cats grabbed an 8-year-old girl by the leg.

    Violet D'Mello tried to stop the attack. After the girl ran for safety, D'Mello said both cheetahs turned on her in a savage attack that lasted for more than three minutes.

    Incredibly, Archie D'Mello kept taking pictures, documenting the horrific scene as the animals bit

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  • Hitler Postcard From World War I Found

    Hitler Postcard From World War I Found (Image Credit: BBC News)

    A postcard sent by a young Adolf Hitler was uncovered as part of a World War I history project funded by the European Union.

    The future German dictator, then 27, penned the note in December of 1916 while he was recovering from injuries sustained on the war front.

    Hitler sent the postcard, which bears a picture of the German town of Nuremberg, to Karl Lanzhammer, a member of his regiment. "Dear Lanzhammer," he wrote in German. "I am now in Munich at the Ersatz Battalion. Currently I am under dental treatment. By the way I will report voluntarily for the field immediately. Kind regards, A. Hitler."

    The bulk of Hitler's known correspondence during the war was to fellow soldiers, suggesting they were his "surrogate family," said Thomas Weber, a history professor at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland and an expert on Hitler's life during World War I.

    "Every other soldier would have been writing back home," Weber told the BBC.

    The Europeana 1914-1918 project has

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  • Isabel Celis: 6-Year-Old Girl Vanishes From Tucson, Arizona Home

    This undated photo provided by the Tucson Police Dept. shows Isabel Mercedes Celis. Tucson police are searching for a 6-year-old girl who went missing from her home on the city's east side. Isabel Mercedes Celis was last seen late Friday and discovered to be missing at about 8 a.m. Saturday, April 21, 2012. (AP Photo/Tucson Police Dept.)

    Isabel Mercedes Celis' disappearance from her Tucson Ariz. home this weekend is being described as an unusual case, with police saying there's no evidence she was taken from the residence or that she left on her own.

    Celis' parents last saw their 6-year-old daughter Friday night around 11 p.m. in her bedroom.

    When Celis' father went to wake her up on Saturday morning, she was gone.

    "She was checked on at about 8 'o clock so they can start their day. And she was not in her room at that point," said Sgt. Maria Hawke of the Tucson Police Department.

    Police are exploring all possibilities.

    "We don't have an actual piece of evidence that points us in one direction or another so for example we don't have a piece of evidence that says she was definitively taken from the residence. We don't have any specific piece of evidence that tells us she left the residence on her own," said Hawke.

    Isabel's family has no doubt she was kidnapped by a stranger.

    "You don't think

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  • Kelli Bordeaux: Figure In Case Jailed On Unrelated Charges

    The man who gave missing soldier Kelli Bordeaux a ride home on the night of her disappearance turned himself in to Fayetteville police on unrelated charges Friday night.

    Nicholas Holbert, 25, surrendered after it was revealed he failed to register as a sex offender at his new address. Although he has been questioned twice, police said Holbert is not a person of interest in the disappearance of Pfc. Bordeaux, 23.

    The soldier,  who is stationed at Fort Bragg, was last seen leaving Froggy Bottoms bar in Fayetteville, N.C. around 1:20 a.m a week ago Saturday. She was reported missing on Monday when she failed to report to duty.

    Holbert, who lives in a lean-to behind the bar where he also works, told police he gave the soldier a ride home but dropped her off at the entrance of her neighborhood at her request, he told  ABC affiliate WTVD.

    "As soon as you drive into the entrance to Meadowbrook, she said, 'Stop right here,'" Holbert said. "So I stopped and she

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  • Kindergartener Cuffed After Tantrum in Principal's Office

    The police chief in  Milledgeville, Ga., today stood by his officer's decision to handcuff a 6-year-old girl and hold her at the police station after she became unruly in principal's office of her school.

    "The student was never placed in a holding cell or jail cell and the student's safety was of the utmost importance," Police Chief Dray Swicord said today.

    Salecia Johnson, 6, was sent to the principal's office for pushing two other students and throwing items off her teacher's desk, according to the police report.

    The child didn't go to the principal's office without a fight. "Johnson refused to go inside and began running down the hallway screaming," the report stated.

    Once she finally entered Principal Dianne Popp's office at Creekside Elementary School, the kindergarten student allegedly tore items off the walls and threw furniture, striking her principal in the leg. She also jumped on a paper shredder, tried to break a glass frame and bit the door knob in an effort to

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  • Dog Chases Zombies From Boy's Dreams

    (Image Credit: Dawn McMullan)

    Malcolm, a 2-year-old rescue mutt, works the night shift scaring away zombies and any nightmares that creep into his owner's dreams.

    The dog has been a constant bedtime companion for Sawyer Thompson, 12, whose family adopted Malcolm two years ago.

    Before Malcolm, as soon as the lights went off, the Dallas boy suffered from sleepless nights, filled with zombies and other unsavory characters, his mother said.

    "We would tell him zombies don't really exist, but as soon as the lights went out he was very nervous," said his mother, Dawn McMullan. "We didn't sleep very well then."

    The  job of zombie protector fell to Sawyer's big brother, who slept in a trundle bed next to him, but his mother began to search for a long-term solution that would make the whole family's nights much easier.

    "Sawyer said he needed a dog that was big enough to scare zombies but small enough to sleep with him," she said.

    Malcolm, who now weighs 55 pounds and has some pit bull in his blood,

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  • Robin Gibb Reportedly Near Death

    Robin Gibb Reportedly Near Death (Frank Hoensch/Getty Images)

    The family of former Bee Gee Robin Gibb is keeping vigil at the pop icon's bedside after he fell into a coma, according to reports.

    The singer recently contracted pneumonia, landing him in a private hospital in London.

    Gibb's health declined in 2010 when he had emergency surgery to treat a blocked bowel. Further surgery to treat a twisted bowel was also required.

    Gibb's twin brother and band mate, Maurice, died nine years ago at the age of 53 years old from the condition.

    Following the surgery, Robin Gibb was diagnosed with colon cancer, which spread to his liver. Last month he announced that he was in remission from the disease.

    The British singer, who was raised in Australia, rose to pop fame as one third of the Bee Gees with his brothers Maurice and Barry.

    The trio enjoyed a number of hits during their 45-year career, including "To Love Somebody," "Night Fever" and "Stayin' Alive."

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