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  • Thanksgiving: Political reporters, late night comedians should give thanks for 2012

    Amy Walter at Power Players1 yr ago

    Top Line

    For all those who've been part of campaign frenzy of 2012, now is the time to relax and reflect. But before we tuck into the turkey, sidle up to the stuffing, or dig into the dessert, political types need to give thanks for the bounty that this election year has provided to them.

    Political Reporters

    Open mics and hidden cameras gave hungry political reporters lots to feast upon. From Obama's moment of candor with Medvedev to Romney's dinner discussion with donors, reporters reaped the benefits of politicians caught straying from carefully crafted talking points.

    Late Night Comedians

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  • Martin Sheen and West Wing cast reunite for little known candidate

    Amy Walter at Power Players2 yrs ago

    Politically Foul

    You know it's been a bruising political season when a candidate would rather have an endorsement of a fake president than a real one.

    The cast of "The West Wing" reunited in a video to endorse Michigan Supreme Court candidate Bridget Mary McCormack. Of course, it's only by complete coincidence that McCormick is the sister of actress Mary McCormack, who played the role of national security adviser Kate Harper on "The West Wing."

    The endorsement video reminds Michigan voters to fill out the nonpartisan portion of their ballots that includes Supreme Court candidates.

    Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan isn't afraid to field tough questions on Medicare and Social Security, but he found himself stuck between a rock and a swing state on the subject of football this week. Ryan's a well-known University of Wisconsin fan, but when asked who he thinks will win in an upcoming football match-up between the Badgers and the Ohio State Buckeyes, Ryan shied away from endorsing his favorite team.

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