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  • Scientists Working On Device To Travel Through Bloodstream

    CBS Sacramento

    STANFORD (CBS13) - In the 1966 film "Fantastic Voyage," a submarine full of scientists is shrunk to microscopic size and injected into the bloodstream of a seriously wounded diplomat.

    Forty-six years later, the idea sounds less far fetched. In a Stanford lab, engineers are perfecting their fantastic voyage.

    Electrical engineer Professor Ada Poon, Ph.D.Poon says smaller is the name of the game.

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    "We have been in this project for more than four years. So we encounter a lot of obstacles along the way and then we solve them one by one, said Poon.

    Instead of a battery, which takes up lots of space, the device that will be used for travel is powered wirelessly with electromagnetic radio waves.

    "The prototype we built is 3mm by 4mm. You can see here that we have a 2mm by 2mm receiving antennae," said Dan Pivonka, PhD.

    The result is a new class of medical devices that are so small they can travel through the bloodstream.

    "Right now we could

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  • Oikos Dean Says Goh’s English Teasing Not Likely Reason

    CBS Local - Sacramento

    Trapped inside with the gunman roaming the halls, Oikos University's Dean of Students says he's never been so scared.

    "I was evacuating people from other schools or other classes but I heard a lot of gunshots like five or six of them. I was trapped. I went into my room turned off the lights, locked the doors and took out the battery from my phone and laid down on the floor for 40 minutes," said Chongjin Kim.

    Thoughts of the Virginia Tech massacre from five years ago haunted him while he heard more shots being fired.

    "This is one of the scariest things that could happen in America, gunshots. I was so scared that everyone might be killed in cold blood," said Kim.

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    Kim managed to escape unharmed. He thinks it's unlikely that Goh was teased for his poor English skills, because the school primarily caters to international students.

    "Everybody was an international student and they need to speak in

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  • SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee called the power outages that left fans and players in the dark at Monday night's San Francisco 49ers game at Candlestick Park a "national embarrassment."

    The first outage began shortly before 5:30 p.m., when the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers was scheduled to begin. Service was restored about 20 minutes later and the game got under way, but the lights went out again at about 6:45 p.m. during the second quarter.

    The outage blackened the field and stands at Candlestick Park but no nearby homes were affected.

    Click here for CBS audio and video report.

    Officials from the 49ers initially said Monday that the first outage was caused by a blown transformer, and an aerial video appears to show a flash near the stadium at the same time the lights went out. However, Joe Molica with PG&E said that they've determined that the cause of that outage was a power line coming down.

    "The arc we saw last night was the wire separating

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  • Stockton Teenager Out Past Curfew Found Stuck In Chimney

    STOCKTON (CBS SF) — Stockton firefighters had to remove part of the chimney at a home Thursday in order to free a teenage boy who was stuck inside.

    The rescue happened at 520 Baker Street. According to firefighters, the teen's family first said he became stuck while trying to sneak inside after curfew, but later said the boy was only cleaning the chimney.

    The fireplace is in the teen's room.

    Firefighters pulled the boy out at around 11 a.m. using ropes.

    The teen did not appear to be injured.

    See the raw video below.

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  • Epilepsy Foundation Issues Warning About Latest ‘Twilight’ Movie

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Epilepsy Foundation of America is warning people with photosensitive epilepsy about a scene in the latest Twilight movie after it allegedly triggered seizures in some movie-goers, including one local man.

    Watch the video report.

    A statement on the website reads:

    "A scene in the latest Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn: Part One, has reportedly caused seizures in at least two audience members. The scene contains flashing lights, which can sometimes trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy."

    "If you have photosensitive seizures, please take this information into consideration when deciding whether to see this movie. Around 3 percent of the nearly 3 million Americans with epilepsy have photosensitive epilepsy."

    Brandon Gephardt says he and his girlfriend were watching "Breaking Dawn: Part One" at a theater when he began convulsing during a graphic birthing scene. He said he doesn't remember anything until he woke up on the theater floor,

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  • Masked Man Explains Attire That Caused San Jose Bomb Scare

    SAN JOSE (CBS 5) — A masked man's recent visit to a San Jose post office led to a response by the bomb squad. But the student at the center of Tuesday's bomb scare has an explanation for his attire.

    Watch the video report.

    The first reports were unnerving: a man wearing a mask stuffed a package into a mailbox at the busiest post office in San Jose Tuesday afternoon.

    The bomb squad, firefighters, and the postal inspector closed down nearby streets. After four hours, a robot blew up the package, which turned out not to be dangerous.

    His name is Long Hoang, a 29-year-old nursing student and fitness buff. Hoang was on a so-called "crossfit" workout, a relatively new exercise regimen.

    According to Hoang, the mask he wore was designed to restrict breathing to simulate training at high altitude. A vest he also wore to the post office was packed with ten pounds of weights.

    CBS 5 asked Hoang if he could see how his workout gear could be scary to people. "Yeah," he responded. "But when I'm in

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  • San Francisco Officials Fear Disease Will Spread At Occupy Encampment

    SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Poor sanitation and evidence of lice and fleas at the Occupy San Francisco encampment endanger the health of everyone in the overcrowded, makeshift tent city at Justin Herman Plaza, public health officials said Wednesday.

    Listen to the KCBS audio report.

    "Everybody that's been down there knows it has to change," said Dr. Tomas Aragon, a public health officer who has been conducting inspections twice a day at the Occupy SF protest.

    Aragon said the lack of sanitation and food safety, combined with the large quantities of debris in very tight quarters, made the Occupy encampment a tinder box for gastrointestinal and respiratory infections.

    "Whenever you bring a group of people together, they're going to bring whatever they have on them," he said. "Although we have not detected an outbreak, we did identify one person, for example, that had lice."

    Some Occupiers have cooperated with efforts such as the one by the SPCA to identify potentially deadly canine

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  • ConsumerWatch: Bay Area Woman Says Mouth Rinse Left Bad Taste

    FOSTER CITY (CBS 5) — A Bay Area woman said she lost her sense of taste for more than a week after using a popular alcohol-free mouthwash.

    It's one of hundreds of complaints that have been lodged against Crest Pro-Health Complete mouth rinse, which has been on the market since 2005.

    View the video report.

    Kate Steeper of Foster City tried the rinse two weeks ago, before bedtime. Steeper told CBS 5 ConsumerWatch, the next morning, "I woke up and I noticed I couldn't taste my breakfast."

    She said her tongue felt strange as well. "It felt like when you eat pizza that's too hot, like burning your tongue and then you can't taste anything," Steeper said. The Foster City woman said her sense of taste didn't return to normal until eight days after using the rinse.

    The Food and Drug Administration has received about 350 complaints about the mouth rinse. Reviewers on online retail sites such as Amazon have also posted criticisms about the product.

    Most of the complaints are about a

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  • State Election Observers To Monitor San Francisco Vote

    SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — The California Secretary of State is sending election observers to San Francisco on Tuesday to oversee poll workers and voters as they cast their ballots.

    Watch the video report.

    A spokeswoman for Secretary of State Debra Bowen said that they have received a number of calls from people concerned about the integrity of the election.

    San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon has opened two investigations into alleged claims of voter fraud surrounding Mayor Ed Lee's campaign operations.  Several of Lee's opponents had previously called for election monitors.

    Cellphone video surfaced allegedly showing workers from an independent group supporting Lee filling out ballots for senior citizens in Chinatown.

    State officials could not confirm how many election monitors will be taking part in overseeing the process in San Francisco.

    Officials said they will be visiting precincts throughout the day, asking questions and watching voters mark their ballots.

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  • Protesters Remain At Port; More Occupy Oakland Clashes

    OAKLAND (CBS SF) — A small group of protesters was blocking truck traffic at the Port of Oakland a day after a crowd of thousands shut down the major shipping hub.

    Big rig trucks were backed up Thursday morning as about a dozen protesters manning a chain link fence blocked a port entrance. Truck drivers argued with protesters who said they planned to stay until at least 9 a.m.

    Port officials could not immediately be reached for comment on the status of operations at the port.

    Thousands of protesters converged Wednesday evening in a peaceful demonstration that led to the shutdown of the country's fifth-busiest port.

    After a mostly peaceful day of demonstrations at the general strike called for by Occupy Oakland protesters, incidents Wednesday night and Thursday morning became more violent as protesters clashed with police.

    City officials said police responded to a group of protesters who had broken into and occupied a downtown building and set several fires late Wednesday

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