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  • California Offers Drivers Limited Amnesty For Unpaid Tickets

    SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — California drivers are being offered a discount on unpaid traffic tickets in a program designed to help both drivers and the cash-strapped judicial system

    More than 6 million cases statewide may qualify for this limited-time amnesty program from the State of California, which clears drivers' moving violations at a reduced cost.

    "We hope people will take advantage of this money-saving offer," summed up Philip Carrizosa with the Judicial Council of California.

    Listen to the audio report.

    The amnesty programs goes into effect January 1, 2012 and is open through June 2012. California Superior Courts in all 58 counties are offering 50% off unpaid moving violation tickets issued before 2009.

    "After January 1 you'll be eligible to pay only 50% of what is due and that's 50% of the total amount," Carrizosa explained.

    Misdemeanor and felony warrants do not qualify for the program.

    "You cannot have any outstanding warrants and parking tickets are not included," he

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  • Apple Co-Founder Caught Camping Out For New iPhone

    LOS GATOS (CBS 5) — CBS 5 cameras caught a surprise shopper among crowd camping out for the release of the iPhone 4S Friday. Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak was the first in line at the apple store in his home town of Los Gatos.

    "Woz" signed autographs and took pictures with other Apple Inc. devotees. He said he couldn't miss the occasion.

    "In my case…this is like one of those magical points in time," said Wozniak. "These are the big events that you don't want to miss."

    Wozniak started Apple in a Silicon Valley garage with Steve Jobs in 1976.

    He left Apple almost 25 years ago, but said he is still considered an employee and continues to collect a paycheck.

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  • Occupy Wall Street Movement Holding Strong In Bay Area

    CONTRA COSTA COUNTY (CBS SF) — As hundreds of protesters continued peaceful demonstrations in San Francisco and Oakland, dozens of people—including some dressed as oil barrels—attended a smaller protest at Chevron headquarters in San Ramon Tuesday.

    >>Occupy SF marchers clog Financial District Wednesday morning.

    About 50 people—most from local chapters of liberal nonprofit organization MoveOn—rallied in front of Chevron's corporate offices Tuesday afternoon, inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement to protest government underwriting of major oil companies, TriValley MoveOn organizer Karen Beck said.

    >>View a video report of protests.

    "We got a lot of support today—a lot of truck drivers came by and gave us a honk—I think we felt very energized because we had that support," she said. "Our message is basically the same as (Occupy Wall Street) — corporations have too much power and influence the government too much, and it hurts the rest of us," she said.

    Ellis Goldberg,

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  • San Jose Police Officers Kill Armed Suspect On School Campus

    SAN JOSE (KCBS) — San Jose police officers have shot and killed an armed suspect near a school campus Monday morning, according to police.

    Officers were called to the area shortly after 6 a.m. after receiving reports that there was a person with a gun on or near the campus of the  Central County Occupational Center on the 700 block of Hillsdale Ave, police Sgt. Jason Dwyer said.

    Dwyer said the shooting happened during a confrontation between the suspect and two San Jose police officers who had responded after someone reported seeing a man walking in the area with a handgun.

    It does not appear that the man fired his gun at the officers, Dwyer said. The man has not yet been identified.

    About half an hour prior to that call, police had received a report of gunshots near Casselino Drive. Officers who responded did not find any victims. Later on, they found a car with bullet holes, and it is believed that the man killed was responsible for shooting at the car, Dwyer said.


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  • Bi-Plane Pilot Wanders Into No-Fly Zone During Obama Visit

    WATSONVILLE (CBS 5) — The President's visit to Silicon Valley turned into a wakeup call for a local pilot after he found himself in the crosshairs of a fighter jet Monday.

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    The pilot was flying a bi-plane out of Watsonville when he wandered into a temporary no-fly zone put in place during President Obama's visit.

    Witnesses reported seeing the fighter jet circling the smaller plane over Monterey Bay.

    The pilot soon returned to Watsonville where he landed without incident. It was not immediately clear if he would face any criminal charges.

    Photo caption: A bi-plane pilot is monitored by a U.S. fighter jet (Chris Elmenhurst)

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  • Former Friend Of Missing Hayward Nursing Student Arrested For Murder

    HAYWARD (CBS SF) — A former high school friend of a missing Hayward nursing student has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

    Police in Union City arrested 27-year-old Giselle Diwag Esteban in the death of 26-year-old Michelle Le , who was last seen May 27 leaving Kaiser Permanente Hayward Medical Center where she was doing a clinical rotation.

    View video and radio report from CBS.

    Le's body has not been found, but police have classified the case as a homicide. Le's family is still holding out hope for her safe return, family members said at a news conference at police headquarters Wednesday afternoon.

    Le disappeared on May 27 from Kaiser Permanente Hayward Medical Center. She left the medical center around 7 p.m. that day, telling a classmate she was going to go to her car during a break, Lt. Roger Keener said.

    She never returned. Her instructor later went to the parking garage looking for her and called police to report her disappearance.

    Le's car was found the next morning around

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  • Car Dangles Over Sidewalk In San Francisco Garage Crash

    SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A crash on the fourth floor of a parking garage at San Francisco's Moscone Center Thursday afternoon sent metal and glass falling onto the sidewalk below and left a car dangling over the edge of the building.

    The crash was reported around 1:10 p.m. at a garage on Third Street just north of Folsom Street.

    An employee at the parking garage was moving a customer's vehicle, which apparently had some sort of mechanical issue, down a ramp on the fourth floor when the accident happened, police Sgt. Stephen Smalley said.

    View video report.

    Something went wrong, and the employee was unable to stop the car before it crashed through a metal barrier and went partway out of the building, Smalley said.

    Two pieces of the barrier fell, each about 5 feet long and weighing about 200 pounds, fire Battalion Chief Charles Crane said.

    One of the pieces landed in a tree, and the other hit some exterior glass panels above the garage's payment center before landing on the

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  • Catwalks For New Bay Bridge Tower Illuminated

    OAKLAND (CBS SF) — The past two days have marked significant milestones in the construction of the Bay Bridge's new eastern span, with Monday's lighting of catwalks leading to the bridge's tower following a day after the last sections of the deck arrived from China.

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    The self-anchored suspension span connecting Yerba Buena Island to Oakland appears set to open sometime in fall 2013, Caltrans spokesman Bart Ney said at a news conference in Oakland Monday afternoon.

    Caltrans officials took media members on a tour Monday of the new span, including the base of one of the four 1,060-foot-long catwalks, where construction lights were switched on for the first time Monday evening.

    The lights were put in place to allow construction crews to work at night to prepare for the placement of the span's main cable in early 2012, Ney said.

    The night work is recommended for the installation and measurement of the cables since heat from the sun can alter their length,

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  • Pair Of 3.6 Magnitude Quakes Rattle East Bay

    SAN LEANDRO (CBS SF) — A 3.6-magnitude earthquake rattled the Bay Area for the second time in as many days Wednesday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

    The second quake struck in the East Bay at 9:47 a.m., with its epicenter about three miles north-northeast of San Leandro and six miles east-southeast of Oakland and a depth of 5.7 miles.

    CBS SF Earthquake News & Resources

    There were reports that the tremor was felt around the East Bay as far away as Martinez. A manager with the Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Berkeley reported that the building swayed from the seismic activity.

    BART held trains to complete track inspections, resulting in residual delays across the system of 10 to 15 minutes.

    An earthquake of the same magnitude struck in San Leandro on Tuesday at 11:36 p.m., and shaking was felt across much of the Bay Area. The USGS reported a 2.3-magnitude aftershock late Tuesday night.

    The aftershock was recorded at 11:41 p.m. in an area three miles from San

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  • BART Hacked Again; Police Officer Data Released

    OAKLAND (CBS SF) — The Bay Area Rapid Transit agency has been targeted again by hackers, who posted personal information on 100 police officers online Wedenesday.

    "We condemn this latest attack on the working men and women of BART. We are deeply concerned about the safety and security of our employees and their families. We stand behind them and our customers who were the subject of an earlier attack. We are deeply troubled by  these actions," said Sherwood Wakeman, BART's interim General Manager.

    The latest website targeted was that of the BART Police Officers Association. Last week, hackers broke into BART's marketing website and released personal information on more than 2,000 customers.


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