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  • Man on fire on National Mall in Washington

    Chris Moody and Olivier Knox at Yahoo News1 yr ago

    Police and other emergency workers raced Friday to answer reports of a man on fire at the National Mall near the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, a D.C. Metropolitan Police spokeswoman told Yahoo News.

    Eyewitnesses reported seeing flames engulfing the unidentified man near the storied tourist attraction before passersby and joggers scrambled to smother the blaze with their shirts. A helicopter landed on the Mall and he was taken to an area hospital.

    Police received a call at 4:24 p.m., and emergency personnel were dispatched to a man who had been on fire but was conscious and breathing, Metropolitan Police spokeswoman Saray Leon said. A medical helicopter arrived and evacuated the man a short time later. Whether the man set himself on fire or was attacked was unknown, though one eyewitness told CNN he saw a gasoline can next to the man.

    “I was crossing the street and didn't see him pour the gas or light the match, but saw the flames move up from the middle of his body to his arms,” eyewitness Vanessa Sink told Yahoo News. “He didn't make any noise that I heard.”

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  • Senate confirms Chuck Hagel as defense secretary

    Chris Moody and Olivier Knox at The Ticket1 yr ago

    The Senate on Tuesday voted to confirm former Nebraska Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel as secretary of defense, overcoming a fierce campaign by some GOP lawmakers to block President Barack Obama's nominee.

    Hagel's nomination, which required support from just a majority of the chamber, passed 58-41.

    Four Republicans voted to approve Hagel's nomination: Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, Sen. Thad Cochran of Mississippi, Sen. Mike Johanns of Nebraska and Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama.

    In a statement, Obama praised the Senate for passing the confirmation.

    "With the bipartisan confirmation of Chuck Hagel as our next Secretary of Defense, we will have the defense secretary our nation needs and the leader our troops deserve," Obama's statement read.  "From the moment he volunteered for military service in Vietnam, Chuck has devoted his life to keeping America secure and our armed forces strong.  An American patriot who fought and bled for our country, he understands our sacred obligations to our service members, military families and veterans."

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  • CIA nominee Brennan at Senate hearing: Waterboarding 'should not be done'

    Chris Moody and Olivier Knox at The Ticket1 yr ago

    John Brennan, the White House nominee to head the Central Intelligence Agency, faced a series of questions during his Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Thursday regarding how he would lead the organization, with an emphasis on national security information leaks under President Barack Obama and Brennan's views on interrogation techniques like waterboarding.

    Brennan, a gruff 25-year CIA veteran and the White House's counterterrorism adviser, also spent much of the hearing fielding questions about the president's use of drone strikes, a controversial program of targeted killing abroad. Brennan defended the use of drone strikes against terrorists but said he preferred catching them alive.

    “I never believe it’s better to kill a terrorist than to detain him," he said, and added there was value in interrogating suspects.

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